Password Protection Question (answered, pending user feedback)

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Password Protection Question (answered, pending user feedback)

Post by lmorehead » Wed Apr 19, 2017 6:50 pm

I apologize in advance for posting two questions in one day.
I am trying to set up iscore to where only people approved by the coach/team can view our games. In order to test it, I set up a password under the Settings>Data Sharing as well as locking a mock game under Games>Scorecast.
I tried to pull up the mock game on iscoretv and it is password protected (yay!) but it is not protected on the iscore central app (boo). Is there a way to fix this?
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Re: Password Protection Question

Post by OhioTex » Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:34 pm

(Please post and use the forum as often as you like, not trying to discourage use - just wanted to clarify no need to double post the exact same message in differnt areas of forum as we actively monitor all sections)

Some clarifications that may help ...

1) For > settings > data share > password ... this password is a "guest" password you would give another scorekeeper (along with your customer ID) to enable the other scorekeeper to copy games from your device to theirs using " options > data sharing" on their device. This password has nothing to do with viewing play-by-play broadcasts.

2) To restrict viewing of play-by-play broadcast

To restrict (password protect) web browser viewing... You can password protect them at > games > iscorecast > 'padlocks' ... you 'lock' a scorecast so it requires a password to view on (any web browser)

that same padlock also restricts viewing in the separate companion "iScore Central Viewer App (blue icon)" , but in a different way ...

the padlock protection 'removes' the game from search results in the Central Viewer App (blue icon). (aka it does not add a password lock) Even if team is a favorite for a premium subscriber, a 'padlocked' game will just 'not show up' in search or favorites in the viewer app. the theory is folks can't watch if they can not find (you can test this for yourself)

However, you can email someone the dedicated game link invitation (aka "send email link" from your device), And even when 'padlocked)' the fan can click the provided link, open game in the central viewer app (blue icon) and view without having to enter a password.

Hope this helps, post back if more questions
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