Set up basketball (answered, pending user reply back if needed)

We will try and answer Frequently Asked Questions in this forum. If you are having any issues with iScore Basketball, this is probably the best place to start.
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Set up basketball (answered, pending user reply back if needed)

Post by Chadbeno » Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:13 am

After you purchase the app is there a quick list of how to set up 2 teams. 7th/8th. Schedule is the same but roster is different? Can you do this all from the Admin site? I am not able to login to the admin site at this time. iScore support has not responded after 28 hours.
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Re: Set up

Post by OhioTex » Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:26 am

This user forum is often the fastest way for help .. the user community will chime in at all hours of the day/night...

iscore is fully functional from the handheld device. you create players, set up teams, score games. all from the handheld device. (iPhone or iPad) . no need to access admin web site to set up teams and score a game. ( in fact having internet connectivity is optional, unless you are trying to broadcast a scorecast, then of course internet is needed for real time game update broadcasting)

Basically ...

You create players in PLAYER MANAGER

You create teams and team rosters in TEAM MANAGER
  • For each team in team manager you control the roster by adding players
    (you can create the players NEW or Pick from List of Players previously created in device in player manager)
    there is an option to crate Generic players (eg player, 1, player 2, player 3..0 for opponents who's players names you do not have yet
you create games, schedule them and score them all from GAME MANAGER
  • For each game you add the teams, home and visitor, and set the game date and time.
    When you start to score a game, you will be promoted to adjust the starting line up for who is starting and position for that game. .
    the default is what ever you have in Team Roster at time you created game, but as each game varies, before you start a game you set who starts and not that day

here is a link for tutorial on Basketball App
  • you can also access the tutorial From your handheld device..., on the iscore basketball home page, there is an information ( I )icon at bottom right of screen, you can tap on that ( I ) to access web page and the training page is a tab there.
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