2013 All Star Game - Free Rosters Available

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2013 All Star Game - Free Rosters Available

Post by FTMSupport » Mon Jul 15, 2013 2:24 pm

We have made the 2013 All Star game available for Discovery. It is available to both MLB Roster subscribers, and those who are not.

Go to Game Manager, select Add, and then Discover. (Android Users, just select Discover in upper left after going to Game Manager.)

The 2013 MLB All Star game will be the first option. Select it. Select Import, and the game, teams, and players will all be imported to your device.

For those that have never used the MLB Rosters, select a player in game or from Player Manager, and select the Player Card, then "Flip" (iOS devices), and you will see an instant link to more online information about the players (assuming you have an internet connection).
Check out the new iScore Baseball documentation page!
Includes videos and user manual.
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