Retrosheet Historical Rosters now available

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Retrosheet Historical Rosters now available

Post by FTMSupport » Sun Jun 02, 2013 12:05 am

We have added the historical Retrosheet rosters to the Discover Team option for anyone with an MLB Roster subscription.

This will allow you to go to Team Manager -> Discover Team, and select Retrosheet, then select any MLB team from 1950 - 2012, and import the roster.

There are a few limitations, but this should save a lot of time for those that play tabletop games using historical teams and use iScore to score the games.

Here are the known limitations -

1. The rosters do not have Jersey Numbers - only names of the players

2. Only some rosters include positions

3. Players imported from Retrosheet are going to have a different internal ID than the MLB Roster players retrieved by synchronizing. This means players imported from Retrosheet will have their stats kept separately from the current year MLB players.

4. The Teams imported from Retrosheet include the year, and each year is considered a separate team (e.g. "Angels - 2011" and "Angels - 2012" are two different teams)

If you are fine with the above limitations, then the Retrosheet import can be a big timesaver.
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