Iscore version Update and Why multiple customer ID's? (answered)

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Iscore version Update and Why multiple customer ID's? (answered)

Post by Amarrujo1 » Thu Apr 13, 2017 5:48 pm

So, as many have done, I dropped my (Ipad@), and CRACK !! so switched to and android tablet, did not like that so went to another Ipad (IPad 1) I am current with update for IOS, but stuck on v4.533. How do I get it to higher version with updates ???

Q2.. With switching from Ipad to Android back to another Ipad, why does my comer ID change ??
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Re: Iscore version Update and Why multiple customer ID's?

Post by OhioTex » Thu Apr 13, 2017 7:13 pm

Topic 1
apple stopped supporting iOS updates for IPad Gen 1 in 2012, iScore baseball v 4.533 is as up to date for iPad Gen1 as you can get.

Apple stopped updateing iOS for iPad gen1 when it released iOS 6 (sept 2012). The last iOS version for iPad Gen 1 is 5.1.1. The last version of iscore baseball that works on iPad Gen 1 is v4.533 (april 2015). Iscore updates supported iPad Gen1 until version 4.7 (may 2016) (lastly, The most current version for iScore baseball is v5.011 and iOS v 10.3.1)

Topic 2
The device/customer ID is unigue to each device and software install. You should register each device/customer ID to an email ( ... evice.php) . The Device/Customer ID is the unique identifier of your scoring database. When you change hardware - you get a new device/customer ID. when you install new app (not updates but new download from app store) on same hardware - you get new ID. when Change hardware from android to iOS or iOS to Android - you get new ID. that is how it works.

After you have registered your device/customer ID to your email, you can manage all your devices on by logging in with email and password. . When you replace a device you can transfer data between IDs.

See the FAQ on how to copy an old device database to replace and start a new device database ... lldata.php

See the FAQ here if you just want to share games between devices, ... _share.php

Hope this covers your questions, if need more info , please post back
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