May 19th Update Broken (responded)

We will announce new product updates here along with what features are being included in the updates
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Re: May 19th Update Broken

Post by Cboukal » Wed Jun 08, 2016 7:17 am

Switching a baseball app DURING a baseball season shows a complete disregard to customer service and complete lack of understanding of your customer base and baseball in general. If you'd have done this in September then what you said above would make total sense and nobody would care. They could evaluate your product vs others and prepare for the upcoming season. But you switched in the middle of a season to bait your customers into paying more money for something they already paid for to use for that season. Iscore did it wrong by their timing and lack of planning and customer service, not because you are trying to better the app and user experience as you said above. They did it to profit from existing customers that already paid for an app and service and then decided that you charged to little so you would gouge them again to make up for it. That is the Email I am waiting for a response to and reforwarded again. I do hope that someone brings up a class action lawsuit on this because its the very definition of bait and switch and you should be held accountable for it.
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Re: May 19th Update Broken

Post by MrPitner » Wed Jun 08, 2016 8:38 am

My apologies for my previous post. Here is the response I received from iScore Support on May 25th:

We received your previous email and apologize for not responding. We unfortunately have not received any communications as to free trials as of yet, not to say it will not happen. In the mean time; you need to purchase the paid subscription to watch the games within the iScore Central App itself. If you get the game link emailed to you, or find it online, you can still watch it on your browser for free.

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Re: May 19th Update Broken

Post by vawlk » Mon Aug 22, 2016 8:02 pm

You must release a team paid option. I don't want to be tech support and have to deal with getting all of the parents to subscribe via various devices.

You know what happened this season when the ios version went subscription? The parents uninstalled the app and just started asking me for the score, and the inning, and the time remaining in the game, and various other questions that they used to figure out for themselves.

I'm annoyed an seriously considering not purchasing the 2 websites each year and moving to something else.
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Re: May 19th Update Broken

Post by OhioTex » Tue Aug 23, 2016 3:45 am

The team subscription fee is an interesting idea but not sure it fits their business model . i do not think they have a plan for that but Will see how support responds.

As a moderator of the forum, (who does not have ties to iscore company) and without takeing away from the feedback expressed on the business model change .... i do want to mention that as a team web site subscriber, there are still two free ways for fans to "watch remotely" w/o the "central viewer app".

As a team website owner, You provide them below url links, (they can 'bookmark' the link) and they use it to choose live broadcast or replays from the list of games you score for just that team. It uses the web broser on the phone not the app and uses different graphics, but the base content is the same . Score, innings etc.

As a team web site subscriber, you have a
Team web site with a url in the following format

Where xxxxxxxx = is the name you picked

Simply Substitute that name in the below two urls and give to fans to bookmark and use all season

iscorecast ( ... c=xxxxxxxx

Html viewer (less graphics, works on mobile browser) ... c=xxxxxxxx

Where xxxxxxxx = your team name

I understand This is not the main point of your message, but hope it helps .
For me personally it has. I give parents three choices on how to view.. And let them value the added festures of the app subscription
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