4.47 in Amazon App Store?

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Re: 4.47 in Amazon App Store?

Post by PhilB » Mon Feb 01, 2016 1:53 pm

OhioTex wrote:personally I have not found this feature particularly useful.

Quick roster is still the fastest way I have found to get scoring quickly.

Lineup Assistant 'kicks in' when you start a game with all players on a team set to batting = NO, the program will then prompt you to select from a pop up list the next batter until such time as you indicate line up is complete (back to top of order)

Update: After further use and consideration, Line Up Assistant has places where it is very helpful . See updated post for more info viewtopic.php?f=3&t=11655&p=47266#p47266
I think this is exactly what I need (not certain since I haven't seen it in action). On my son's high school team I know the full roster and I can often find the other team's roster online. What I never know is who's in our coach's doghouse and won't be playing, or what the other team's lineup looks like.

Quick roster is very limited because it doesn't have the correct jersey numbers or names. Having a list of all players, with correct name and jersey number, which I can pick from as they come up to bat is exactly the function I want.

The fact that some of the pitchers hit and others don't complicate the matter even more because I can't simply look at the fielder (if we're the home team) when the game starts to figure out who will be batting.

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