App crashes editing game name -- Android

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App crashes editing game name -- Android

Post by ChannBecker » Fri Mar 15, 2013 10:41 am

I was working changing the names of the games in Game Manager.

This happens to all games.

Tap to bring up the game.
Go change anything in the name field for the game.
Press the back arrow. Or any other field.
Box pops up: "Unfortunately, iScore has stopped."
Click on Ok.
Restart app.

After restarting the app, the change was saved.

The error does not occur if you change the name and then click EMAIL. You don't have to actually email anything, but going into that screen does something that prevents the error.

I have just exported my data so you can look at it if needed.

My customer ID is : rtz864xyfh

iScore v.4.04.309

This is running on an Asus Iconia A200, Android version: 4.0.3, Kernel:
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