I scored a game, and it is not letting me back into the game

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I scored a game, and it is not letting me back into the game

Post by FTMSupport » Mon Mar 30, 2009 9:39 pm

There are two bugs that can cause this, and both have been addressed in the release that was just posted to the App Store (1.01.06). It is awaiting approval from Apple and usually takes about 1 week.

One is if you try and rearrange the lineup after a game has started, it can cause a corruption. See this post for more info on the correct way to do player substitutions: http://iscore.freeforums.org/how-do-i-s ... me-t2.html

The second is the way we are accessing the database came from sample code provided by Apple, and we found it to be a little unreliable. On some rare occassions, it would write a NULL value into the database instead of the value it was supposed to write, and thus make the data unreadable. We have changed our database access to use a more reliable method that we designed ourselves for the next release.

If you get into a situation where you are unable to get back into a game, you can email us directly at support@fasterthanmonkeys.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false, and we will likely be able to work with you to get the data recovered using the Export and Import functionality built into iScore.
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