device lost, in a pickle

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device lost, in a pickle

Post by gmish » Thu Apr 29, 2021 8:40 am

Hi folks, in a bit of a pickle, can't remember how to change devices for using my iscore app and website

1) I had 2 teams on device: awkmnkuvkw. One team was basil, the other dsbaseball

2) The device holding those two teams crashed and I could not get back into to iscorebaseball.

3) All of the data resides on line and I can login with and my password

4) On my new device (mcc3c97a8z) I want to import all of the data from the web.

5) I tried to do this my clicking the "change device" option under the account tab in my iscorecentral account. But it is not working.

6) I now have 2 separate logins to iscore central.... one where I login with and can see the basil team.... and a second login using mcc3c97a8z to login and where I can see the dsbaseball team.

7) None of the actual data seems to be under the mcc3c97a8z login... but just the team website got moved to that login. All of the data seems to still be under the login

I would like to:

1) get the dsbaseball team website back over to the iscore central login of

2) get all of the data under that login onto my new device

Thank you very much in advance for the assistance

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