Team Earned Runs seems to be incorrect?

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Team Earned Runs seems to be incorrect?

Post by davidlimbaugh » Thu Apr 18, 2019 7:08 pm

"The accounting of earned runs is more complicated when relief pitchers are used. Each pitcher is liable for the runners he allowed on base via hit, walk, or hit by pitch even after he is pulled for a reliever. Batters who replace a previous runner on a fielder's choice are charged to the previous pitcher. Also, when considering when the inning would be over except for errors, relief pitchers are not relieved of responsibility by errors that were committed before they were brought into the game. This means that some runs may be considered earned for an individual relief pitcher but not for the team as a whole, so team earned runs are often less than the sum of the earned runs allowed by the individual pitchers."

I/Score does not seem to be taking this into account? When adding each pitcher's earned runs allowed the team total is the same. Should be different.
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Re: Team Earned Runs seems to be incorrect?

Post by OhioTex » Sat Jul 20, 2019 5:50 am

Iscore does a pretty good job on earned runs and provides ability to manually correct post fact if need. To help on earned runs while scoring turn on advanced options and you when a error occurs you will get a second button to confirm if runner would have been out or not helping refine earned unearned run calc
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