Pinch Hitter (mid-pitch sequence) - Strikeout Scoring

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Pinch Hitter (mid-pitch sequence) - Strikeout Scoring

Post by EMS-Medic » Mon Aug 13, 2018 9:22 pm

Good Evening,

A situation appeared in the game on Saturday 11 August 2018 TB vs TOR game.

B2, 0 Out - Y.Solarte AB and gets injured during the pitch sequence (2-2 count). R.Ureña pinch hits for him.

According to MLB rules, a Strikeout is awarded to the original batter, while the walk is awarded to the new batter.

When looking at iScore, R.Ureña struck out, and iScore credited him with the strikeout (Ks) instead of crediting it to Solarte.

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Re: Pinch Hitter (mid-pitch sequence) - Strikeout Scoring

Post by PetroGuy » Tue Aug 14, 2018 9:10 am

Just for backup for those interested, per MLB 2018 Rules 9.15(b):
When a batter leaves the game with two strikes against him,
and the substitute batter completes a strikeout, the official
scorer shall charge the strikeout and the time at bat to the first
batter. If the substitute batter completes the turn at bat in any
other manner, including a base on balls, the official scorer shall
score the action as having been that of the substitute batter.
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