recording extra base on error after hit- procedure

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recording extra base on error after hit- procedure

Post by mikeny » Sat May 12, 2018 10:34 am

Hi, I asked a similar question regarding a stolen base where the batter took an additional base on an error.

In this post, I present bases loaded, Single to left. In my observations, R3 scores on the single, R2 advances to 3rd [on the single] but scores on an E7. R1 advances to 2nd [on the single] but advances to 3rd on the same E7. Batter singles and advances to 2nd on the same E7.

After recording the single in iScore, it asks what haappened to R2? If I say 'safe at home on E7' it shows on the scorecard that E7 advanced him to 3rd and home but really it should be advanced by batter to 3rd and E7 to home.

What happened to R1? Same problem...If I say 'safe at 3rd' on the same E7, it shows E7 advancing him to 2nd and 3rd instead via batter to 2nd and E7 to third.

So I suppose the only way to get this right is to enter it in 2 steps? Just give these runners 1 base in answer to the question 'what happened to them'.....Then click them and manually advance them via Error?

It's a lot of stops for each runner. It should be a given that the single advanced the runners a single base IMO.
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Re: recording extra base on error after hit- procedure

Post by OhioTex » Sun May 13, 2018 1:20 am

Yes ,That is a good example for when you would use a "two step" entry. Step 1- Enter the Single and advance all the runners. step 2 - tap on runner at third, advance R3 home by e7 (unearned) and advance R2 R1 wih "same error". The two step entry will produce accurate stats and scorecard.

the program asks what happen for each runner to accomadate the multitude of situations and outcomes you can have in baseball ... in this caae 1 RBI and 3 advancing on error.
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