Discover USSSA Games (replied)

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Discover USSSA Games (replied)

Post by brittonv » Wed Jun 14, 2017 9:23 am

New to iScore and am thus far pretty impressed.

How is importing games supposed to work? I was very impressed in the ability to import other USSSA Teams. I went to the games expecting to be able to import games for our upcoming season but as I navigate to our team i get a page that says: "Discover Game" at the top with usssa\<team name>\ - Confirm Team

with our roster...

Is there a step I am missing or are my expectations out of line?

Just installed the Android version if it matters.
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Re: Import Games

Post by FTMSupport » Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:03 am

The game importing from USSSA is set to work with USSSA sponsored tournaments. We are not 100% certain what makes the game available for discovery from USSSA, but our guess is it is only the games they intend to score in their major tournaments. All teams are discoverable however, and you can create a game in iScore by selecting from the teams you discover.
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Re: Discover USSSA Games

Post by OhioTex » Wed Jun 14, 2017 11:26 am

@ brittonv For what it is worth,

I have downloaded USSSA team rosters before, using "Team Manager > Discovered Team > USSSA > ... > Import " and then scored game using retrieved teams rosters. For registered USSSA teams, this is a great nice simple time saver to avoid manually entering opponent rosters.

that said, I have never had the oportunity to use "Discover Game > USSSA >" to select a specific game, download game day lines ups for both teams and then score a game (like I can with "Discover Game > MLB") . Perhaps " Discover Game > USSSA > is available for select USSSA sponsored tournaments when USSSA is providing scoring - but i have never had that opportunity to experience.

Furthermore, on iPhone, when i use "Game Manager > New Game > Discover Game > USSSA" . a yellow banner notice appears on the bottom of the screen that says
  • Officially sanctioned USSSA games can only be viewed live via the USSSA Scorecast APP
  • I suspect that yellow note does not appear on the Android version, because when I Tap on the note, I am directed to the apple store to download the "USSSA Scorecast Game Viewer App" (blue icon) . but when i search on Google play store for "USSSA Scorecast Game Viewer App: - i do not find similar USSSA android app.

    The "USSSA Scorecast APP (blue icon)" looks to be co branded effort between USSSA and SiPlay to provide remote viewer experience tailored to select sanctioned USSSA games (similar to "iScore Central Viewer App" for non USSSA games). Also The "USSSA Scorecast APP " description says "scorecast viewing requires in app purchase of USSSA Game Pass" ($5/7 day, $20/ 6 months)
For reference, the "normal - non USSSA" "iScore Central Viewer App (blue icon)" (which is available in both Apple and Android stores) is a companion viewer for anyone who wants to remotely watch games you score and broadcast with your "iScore Baseball/Softball scorekeeper app" (green icon). The optional premium subscription of $5/3 months enables detailed play by play and audio broadcasts. I have used the iScore Central Viewer to 'watch and listen' to many games broadcasted by my kids teams.

For more information for the iScore Central Viewer App (blue icon) see its product page at or its support forum posts at viewforum.php?f=34
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