Pitch Count Trouble (answered)

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Pitch Count Trouble (answered)

Post by Tacho47 » Tue Jun 13, 2017 2:49 am

IPad2, IScore V5.020, Pitch Count Warning was set to 150.

Rescored a 9 Inning baseball game from the beginning, based on written scoresheets and handy notes on pitches per PA. DH was on 9th batting spot.

Missed to change the home teams pitcher at 8T1 (top 8th inning). The first batter in top 8th got an 8 pitches Walk (BB) still on the starting pitcher.

Recognising my fault and remaining in main scoring screen of the IPad, i hit the 8 on the play-by-play-area (top right of the screen, beneath the balls/strikes circle indicators), subbed the pitcher (from fielding position 3 to 1 which removed the DH), moved 5 to 3 and subbed in a new third baseman from the DH position. The starting pitcher was subbed out after 7 IP at a total of 119 pitches. It then took the new pitcher 23 pitches in total to end 8th inning.

In Top 9th Inning, the pitch count warning message appeared for the 2nd pitcher after 8 pitches to two batters (made screenshot). By checking the stats still being in main scoring screen (the recorded pitches for the starting and the 2nd pitcher gladly were right!
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Re: Pitch Count Trouble

Post by FTMSupport » Tue Jun 13, 2017 5:53 am

When you make a pitching substitution by using the Pitch by Pitch editor (as opposed to tapping the fielder and doing the defensive substitution the "normal" way), it messes up the internal counter for pitch counts. The statistics for the game will still be correct as you noted, but the "current pitch count display" is tracked by separate counters that are based on the normal scorekeeping flow, not "editing". It is something we hope to change one day, but it requires very significant effort to do so.
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