iPad 11 players batting, but scoring screen only lists 9 (answered)

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iPad 11 players batting, but scoring screen only lists 9 (answered)

Post by wilburburns » Sat Jun 03, 2017 5:16 am

One of the recent updates changed this behavior, and its bad.

Here's the situation.
We have 11 girls on the team, and typically Roster bat during pool play, which at most lexington cations allows us free defensive substitutions.

So, on the starting lineup, everyone is listed as batting, even if they are not in the game defensively.

Here's the problem,
On the scoring screen (iPad) the batting list only has the first 9 batters. Not all 11. The dock for the book view has all 11 listed and records their at bats correctly. This is an annoyance as it's hard to tell quickly who is up to bat next if they are not one of the first 9, or to quickly look and see how many the opposing team is batting.

Previously, all the batters would show on the list to the left. Is this a setting I can change back to give me a quick look at all the batters on the card.

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Re: 11 players batting, but scoring screen on,y lists 9

Post by OhioTex » Sat Jun 03, 2017 6:35 am

Scroll down in batting line up window to reveal more... Let us know if this does not resolve your concern..

On tablet, main scoring screen, you can scroll up and down on the two batting line up windows if there are more players than fit in window.

This has not changed in recent updates. I am not on my iPad at the moment, but i thought program automatically scrolled down when say #10 batter came up ( unless you had tapped on a player above 1-9 and selected to view player card or stats)

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