League vs game filtering - website (answered, pending user feedback)

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League vs game filtering - website (answered, pending user feedback)

Post by elfoxx » Wed May 17, 2017 4:21 am

I could swear this worked before (about a couple months ago)...

Ipad for scoring v5.020

In the league manager, I am filtering to show only active 2017 regular season games.
On the Ipad, it reflects that only the games shown are for the active season games.

On the team website, I still show all games (expo, tourney, and regular season).
I know on the team website, under settings, I can show the default league, but the coach doesn't want the stats from expo and tourney to show up for the parents (at this time).

On my.iscorecentral, it appears that the league page is 'not functioning', or is only reads status from the Ipad... any edit changes made do not stick from the my.iscorecentral. (I think this was the part that was functioning a couple months ago)
When I have the Ipad set to show active 2017 regular season games, it does reflect this on my.iscorecentral, but the website still shows all categories (all, expo, tourney, and regular)
Changing the team on my.iscorecentral updates properly to the team website (still have an old test team in the database).

Any ideas on what I might have missed (knowing home and work life have been busy, I'm won't be surprised to find it was something really easy)?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: League vs game filtering - website

Post by OhioTex » Wed May 17, 2017 4:36 am

Sounds like on your team web site, you only want your "2017 Regular Season Games league" games and associated stats to show.

That is easy to make happen...

Go to your team web site, log into settings page, then In lower right, under "league" settings, set the default league to your "2017 Regular Season Games league" and restrict guest selectable to "always deny". Then save changes. Should be all good. Should only Show the "2017 Regular Season Games league games and stats and not let a user change the league without administrative password.

FYI - No need to change anything on my.iscorecentral.com for this - just iPad and team web site.

P.S. In the unlikely event, when you try and set default league on website and '2017 Regular Season Games league' is not an option, this just means on iPad under team manager you need to assign "2017 Regular Season Games league" to your team and option > export to update web site.
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Re: League vs game filtering - website (answered, pending user feedback)

Post by elfoxx » Wed May 17, 2017 3:29 pm


Thanks again! That certainly worked; issue resolved.
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