TIP: if player/team/game data seems to have "gone missing" - 1st step is to Check League Assignments (Enable ALL League)

If you are having an issue with iScore Baseball, please post it here and we will try and find solutions so everybody will be aware of them.
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TIP: if player/team/game data seems to have "gone missing" - 1st step is to Check League Assignments (Enable ALL League)

Post by OhioTex » Mon May 24, 2010 9:41 am

new users, often post (very anxiously) that they have "lost their data" or "do not see team stats or lost a game, or missing a team or specific player has disappeared". So I thought I would re post the below reminder from FTM. .

When game, team or player data appears to go missing from your handheld (or team web site) ... or when your stats seem to be missing key games etc. Please double check your league assignments, LEAGUE mis understanding is the #1 source of disappearing games/teams/players or unexpected cumulative team or player stats ... Leagues can be a very powerful and flexible filter, but also a scare when they get mixed up.

for more on leagues, there is a lengthy thread on League management in the FAQ section, viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1531 but the first few posts in that thread can educate the new user quickly.
FTMSupport wrote:.... To check this, go to League Manager, and make sure there is a checkmark next to the "All" league. We have never had a user actually lose data from exiting the app. .
A related issue is "Why is a player on my team showing no stats or too few cumulative stats?"
From iscoresports.com is the following help FAQ. http://iscoresports.com/baseball/kb/faq ... _stats.php
  • In order for a player show in the cumulative stats for your team, the player must be on the team roster. Select your team from Team Manager, tap Roster in the Team Info screen and make sure that the player in question is listed in the roster. If not, press Add Player in the roster screen and pick the existing player from the player list.

    If the player is already in the roster and still shows no stats or too few stats, it is likely that you either have duplicates of the player or you had duplicates and deleted one of them. Go to League Manager and make sure the "All" league is on, then go to Player Manager and see if the player is duplicated. If so, use the Merge button to merge the two players into one.
    MERGE HELP > http://iscoreleagues.com/manual/#1b409e ... 2fb2733557

    If you had duplicates and deleted one on them, you can undelete the deleted data. After undeleting you can then merge the duplicates.
    UN DELETE HELP > http://iscoresports.com/baseball/kb/faq ... delete.php

    Sometimes a player will accidentally be added to both the home and visitor lineups for a game and his stats will therefore not display correctly. To check this, go to Game Manager, select the game in question, select "Pitch by Pitch / Edit Game", tap Game Starts, tap Edit next to Starting Lineup, then tap between the Home and Visitor lineup. If you see the player listed on both teams, remove him from the team on which he does not belong.
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