Unable to Import MLB Games - Android App Crashes

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Unable to Import MLB Games - Android App Crashes

Post by EMS-Medic » Tue Sep 11, 2018 8:46 pm

Good Evening,

On all attempts to import MLB games to my iScore, I receive an error message indicating that iScore is not responding. The app crashes and the game does NOT import.

I have use the REPORT function already.

Device: Android Tab 4
Model: SM-T530NU
Android Version: 5.0.2
iScore Version: v4.63.414

Issue Description: iScore crashes when trying to import a game from MLB games

Reproduction Steps:
  1. Open iScore and go to Game Manager
  2. Select "Discover"
  3. Organization: MLB
  4. Select ANY game
  5. Select "Import"
  6. Confirm Game Import: YES
Result: Receive error message "Unfortunately, iScore has stopped. (REPORT) (OK).
Error message is repeated approximately 4 times.
iScore restarts, game is NOT imported.

Attempted Resolution Techniques:
  • Restarted application
  • Rebooted Devices
  • Reinstalled App after clearing cache
Workaround: None Found.
Temporary Fix: None Found, Manually creating game via the "Add" function.

Issue Severity: HIGH
Severity Reason: Program Crash/Unresponsive

Priority: HIGH

Please assist, if you require any further information, please advise.

Thank you,
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