Post game note edits - scorecard not updating (resolved)

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Post game note edits - scorecard not updating (resolved)

Post by elfoxx » Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:41 pm

Can anyone please try to recreate the following...
Score a game with a note in game play (not the game info page)
Export the game; check your team website to ensure note is in game SCORECARD, bottom pitches with game notes page (not play by play)
Edit the game record - "Play by play - edit game"
Find the note and erase it, or even change the text completely
Re-export the game
Check your team website; and see if the note in the game SCORECARD, bottom pitches with game notes page (not play by play) updates... my previous notes did not update, on 4 different games. (Note that the play by play notes DO UPDATE NORMALLY)

(I was keeping notes during plays, and coach asked if I could continue the note keeping, but email him the scorecard after the game and erase the notes for posting to the team website)

Hardware in use:
Ipad for scorekeeping
Desktop computer for my.iscorecentral and team website checks

Games appeared on my.iscorecentral and team website after exporting initially
Notes do indeed show they change on Ipad play by play / edit game (though simply deleting the note resulted in the note showing blank in play by play, not entirely going away)
Notes changed on Ipad - score game and check play by play
Notes did not change on my.iscorecentral when checking the scorecard
Notes did not change on team website when checking the scorecard
No errors during exporting process (uploaded fake game to a fake league - it shows up fine)
One stat/play was updated, and the stats for this edit updated just fine on my.iscorecentral and team website after re-exporting
Cleared history/cache on web browser - no change
Changed ball to intentional ball - iscorecentral and team website show update after exporting
Add new note - does not show up on SCORECARD, bottom 'pitches with game notes' page, but show up just fine in play by play

I'm not exporting properly
Iscore programming: pitches with game notes link on scorecard is not being updated

Anyone have any ideas for a workaround to edit the 'pitches with game notes' page?

Thanks in advance for all responses!
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Re: Post game note edits - scorecard not updating

Post by OhioTex » Fri Apr 21, 2017 1:18 am

Welcome to the forum !

Thanks for the extensive detail in your post.
I appreciate it.

Pretty sure i know what is going on and how to correct.
FTMSupport wrote:If you email the scorecard to yourself, the server saves a copy of the scorecard for viewing on the website. Or you can just email to "web" to update the website only.
There is a 'quark' in the program workflow (not a bug because it is by developer's design for technical pdf generating reasons).
The trigger to update the PDF scorecards on team web site is not "Option > Export" as you expected, but instead email. To update the scorecard on team web site, you email a scorecard and it triggers the update/replace process. You can email to yourself or just enter "web" in the address field. (by the way, you can email multiple addresses with a space between them)

(anyway, It has been previously suggested on this forum, support look into ways to add scorecard update/replace logic to the existing "option> export" or "sync" routine or to add a 'update scorecard button', b/c this has tripped up many a user before you. that said i do not know the technical challenges or believe changing this is a high priority for the developers)

So try emailing the scorecard to yourself (or to web), this should trigger the update/replace scorecard routine on admin web site and i think solve your problem.

FYI - Another scorecard related tip.. for future reference, if you make game edits on your device and if the scorecard does not update to reflect the changes on your device, go back to main scoring screen, 'game over' page, and check your scorecard. The 'game over' screen forces a scorecard refresh on your device.

Let me know if above resolves your issue or not
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Re: Post game note edits - scorecard not updating (answered)

Post by elfoxx » Fri Apr 21, 2017 5:30 pm


Thanks for the quick reply! Your guidance was spot on!

Also, thank you for the pointers as well!
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