Display First Tab in emailed Gamestats.xls file

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Display First Tab in emailed Gamestats.xls file

Post by bsk713 » Thu May 23, 2013 12:34 pm


This is a request to have the original display in the Gamestats.xls file that is emailed from the Game screen, display the first tab (Visitor Batting, or Home Batting if just the Home stats are emailed), as the default.
Currently the last tab is displayed and in many cases, especially if no fielding positions are assigned for the opposition, it displays all zeros.
Some people are not familiar with spreadsheet tabs and they may open this file and think it's useless, not realizing they can click on any tab at the bottom of the screen. I forward this file to others, but I first click on the first tab, and re-save the file.
It's also probably more common for people to be more interested in the batting stats than other stats, which is another reason the batting stats tab (first one) would be better.

Again, LOW PRIORITY, but a convenience.

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