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Roster all set to Batting

Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 9:09 pm
by Moondog
Hi I have recently started using mystatsonline and love their visuals and ease of stats. I have asked them why although I can create squads in seconds in iscore I have to create them all manually at their end again. That is one problem but my other iscore connected prtoblem concerns every player being set to batting after I import a game created in mystatsonline. I thought this would be easy fix as iscore itself shows on the admin site edit rosters that batters can be set to Y N or a variety of other states. However, even using the iscore bulk import you then have to go in manually and set each players batting status and position. Iscore support tell me there is no way when they send a getroster request to a partner site that batting status can be included. Bizarre as surely this is a simple trigger status. Has anyone else had this prtoblem and if so has anyone discovered how to overcome it? It is a pain before every single game having to go through every player and change their batting status. Surely only preferred lineups (which are importable) should be set to batting on? If there was a reverse option copy roster to line up that would be a great fix.