Single Team Line Up

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Single Team Line Up

Post by Seanweiner » Thu Feb 28, 2019 6:22 am

Hello. Thanks for this forum to request enhancements. I understand that they are not all doable and will go on a priority list—but, try to provide enhancements as I see them now that I use IScore frequently.

I recommend that there be a Line Up Card for only one team and leave the other team blank (or, not have the other team as part of the line up card.

When I print the line up card, it lists both teams on it. I generally do not get the line up of the other team until just before game time. Accordingly, the line up card will be correct for my team, but incorrect for the other team.

When I haven’t played a team before and use “quick roster” it looks awkward, but is semi-acceptable. However, when I play a team that I have played before in the season, I have the roster from the last time we played. Accordingly, the line up card will have the people in the wrong place if there are any changes to the Line Up from the other team. There should be an option to provide only one side of the lineup card.

As I am typing this, I thought of trying to just put the entire other team as “no” for batting. This worked—sort of, but is not ideal. It did not add any lines to put people in a line up. Instead, it just listed the other team players as “available.” I think that this looks better than listing their team incorrectly, but still not ideal. This would probably work better if there still were lines to write the lineup in and the available players were listed on the bottom of the form (like normal).

Thanks for allowing me to request another item for the future.
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