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How Can Head coach enter line up on his device and scorekeeper score on another device? (answered)

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 5:24 am
by Ddearmore
What is the best way for different user devices to stay in sync? I do the scorekeeping but our head coach would generally set the lineup before the game on his device so when I got to the game our lineup and batting order was set when I opened the application the first time. Is data sharing the answer or is there another method?



Re: TIP: What is Data Sharing and How to Use - FAQ

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 7:55 am
by OhioTex
The shortest answer is - yes. data sharing is the best method to electronically exchange pre game rosters and line ups from coaches who use iscore with a third party scorekeeper using iscore. Each iscore device is independent -Just like a paper book. You can exchange 'data files' but the programs still act independently. (Ie they can exchange files pre game like rosters and line ups and post game play by play, scorebooks and stats but they do not automatically 'synch' pitch to pitch instead manually exchange data)

This entire forum thread is about data shareing, but i know gotten rather long... so here is a good summary FAQ. ... _share.php

Pleaae feel free to post back with any follow up questions. The community will be glad to answer.

to the specic question, yes "Options> Data Sharing" is the easiest way to exchange data electrpniclt between iscore devices.

Re: TIP: What is Data Sharing and How to Use - FAQ

Posted: Tue Aug 22, 2017 2:36 pm
by Ddearmore
So would the sequence be?

1. Coach gets on his device and goes to manage the Roster through Team Manager. He would adjust the roster and lineup accordingly there. Save changes
2. Coach would then go to Options - Export
3. Scorekeeper would Go to Options - Get From Web Database.
4. Enter coach's customer ID and password as shown on the coach's device admin website detail.
5. Scorekeeper creates new game so the game roster is created from the current team roster.

Also, should his and my device be registered under the same email address. Does that make it easier in anyway?


Re: TIP: What is Data Sharing and How to Use - FAQ

Posted: Tue Aug 22, 2017 10:11 pm
by OhioTex
Team rosters (managed under team manager) are not the same as a game line up (managed under game manager).

The coach would need to create a game and set a game line up then option export.

Note receiving device will only see new teams/games not already on device to import.

I have to stop and ask? Are you over complicating the process. In my experience a coach normally just gives a paper copy of line up or tells scorekeeper.

Re: TIP: What is Data Sharing and How to Use - FAQ

Posted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 5:44 am
by Ddearmore
In my scenario, the reason the coach would be editing the roster is so the the lineup is generated correctly at the time the game is created. My understanding is that the lineup comes from the roster at the time of game creation. The next issue I see though, using either process, is the note where the receiving device only sees new data and not updated data. In your scenario it seems the coach would then need to eventually delete the game from his device so he could then re-import it after the game to get all the game info and stats for that game. Please let me know otherwise.

I personally think it is iScore that over complicates the process. All our coach is trying to do is tell the scorekeeper the lineup before the game, like you state, but instead of doing it manually or verbally we have always done it electronically. Then the scorekeeper can handle the paper copy, the other teams lineup, etc. and the coach can concentrate on getting the team ready. It does not seem that is as easy as a process with iScore as it is with other game scoring applications. iScore has plenty of greater features than the other scoring applications, that is why we are looking to test it over the fall season. Without a simpler process to keep users and their devices in sync it may not be the best fit for us. Do you have any other suggestions on processes to accomplish this?

Thanks again

Re: TIP: What is Data Sharing and How to Use - FAQ

Posted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 7:20 am
by OhioTex
(moderator note: this thread seemed worthy of its own stand alone discussion under future enhancement suggestions, the prior location was viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1307)

Got it, I understand your situation a bit better now.

Yes, you understood my caveat correctly, I was concerned in your workflow description and i wanted to be clear. Receiving devices will only see games/teams not already on the receiving device. as you said, they will not see "updates". a receiving device would need to delete an out of date game before receiving the updated version. . that is by design. It works well for receiving opponent team rosters pre game but would take active management if you are updating your own team.

iscore was developed as a standalone app. It was not built as a multi user app. (just the way developers made it as a free to $10 app). that is how it exchanges data

I also want to make sure you catch that i am specific in saying to exchange "games" back and forth not "teams". Why? After the first exchange, the program "maps" the underlying unique identifier for each player and team , you would not want to delete teams (or players) from either device after that and break the link to future sharing of players, teams and stats.

As you know in evaluating different solutions, each app will have pro/cons, some will be deal maker/deal breakers on features, functionality, cost or simple user preference. I have used many scoring solutions from desktop to mobile app and have found iscore the best price/feature solutions for my needs.

the idea of expanding iscore to have more "multi user" features like, handoff scoring, have been posted in the enhancement request area.

please continue to post back questions or suggestions . thanks

Re: How Can Head coach enter line up on his device and scorekeeper score on another device?

Posted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 7:49 am
by Ddearmore
Thanks OhioTex. I generally am enjoying iScore and it's features better than anything else out there. Price being one of those and iScore wins hands down there. I certainly agree with and understand your previous points. Thanks for the clarifications as needed. Learning how to make it work for our unique situations is part of the evaluation process. We are trying any suggestions or 'workarounds' that we can come up with for this season to hopefully continue to use it in the future

Re: How Can Head coach enter line up on his device and scorekeeper score on another device?

Posted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 8:17 am
by OhioTex
You never mentioned what kind of devices you are using, what level of play, i may have some pointers..

Iscore has over 500 stats you can choose to enable and order as you desire..

If you happen to have a tablet, especially an iPad, You will find the tablet version is much more than just bigger phone version.

If you are part of a 'discovery partner league' (eg siplay, usssa, ncaa, tourney machine,...).. getting opposing team rosters is easy through team/game discovery.

If you have fans that 'watch' remotely, the free web iscorecast is generally very well received

If you have fans that rather 'listen' remotely, the audio simulcast on the iscore central premium app is exceptional for 5$. Listen hands free and drive safely.

If your team likes to share w password protection team stats, the team web site subscription is worth the cost in time saved emailing . Plus users can sort and drill into player specifics on line

Lastly, suppprt and user forum is pretty active and responsive

Re: How Can Head coach enter line up on his device and scorekeeper score on another device?

Posted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 10:05 am
by Ddearmore
I am using the iPad, the coach uses iPhone. We are a 14U AAA USSSA team

1. Love the stats. Great breakdown of anything imaginable. One of the main reasons we are looking to switch.
2. have noticed the iPad version being much more robust. I am also testing on my android phone but not really using it much.
3. We are part of the USSSA league. I am extremely excited to use the discovery option but USSSA still points to 2017 when you go to discover teams or games. It needs to be updated to 2018. I had expressed this in a different thread that you replied to. I updated that thread again today to see if there was an update to it. Our games start this weekend. This is another primary reason I wanted to switch to iScore. Unfortunately I can't use it at this time.
4. The free iscorecast using the web and the iScoreCentral app has been very well received.
5. Listening is absolutely great. Love that premium add-on. What a great feature.
6. I have just started with a team website free trial. So far I love it.


Re: How Can Head coach enter line up on his device and scorekeeper score on another device?

Posted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 10:26 am
by OhioTex
* FYI - even at 500 stats, users on the forum have found even more stats on the "wish list". but yes, for many teams/levels.. very comprehensive.

* If you have not already, i encourage new users to review the online user Reference manual for additional tips and information . (also in my signature line)

* both IOS and Android versions are supported and both have the core scorekeeping features in tablet and phone formats. iOS is more standard and more consistent especially for tablets. android b/c of the diversity of hardware and software standards sometimes behaves better on certain tablet devices than others.. the iOS version being 5.X for baseball is a bit further along on additional features and functions than android on version 4.x. you can exchange data between platforms and phone and tablets. .

* Yes, USSSA not pointing to 2018 is a known issue... when i look back over past years, it is generally in the second half of August that USSSA passes the needed information on to iscore. . iscore developers are fully dependant on USSSA providing them the necessary data "keys".

* for some team web sites at 20$ is well worth not having to email out stats and letting others have easy access to scorecards, play by play and scorecasts.

* FYI - the developers for iScore historically do not pre announce updates or timing. they avoid 'vapor ware' which is good, but leaves us in the user community unsure when future feature or updates will happen. but they have said on the forum they do continue to support baseball on both platforms,