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Re: How Can Head coach enter line up on his device and scorekeeper score on another device?

Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 7:05 am
by OhioTex

See below for A few scorekeeper tricks/features i thought i would pass along that some times folks miss on iPad...

also, given the prior discussion on line Up exchange with coach, One thing you may want to play around with is the "Line up Assistant", It is not a heavily used feature and normally used by folks for opponents when they do not get line up in advance ( as an alternative to Quick Roster which i prefer) , but you could see if you like to use for your team if you want to to just set the line up as the players come up to bat. (just a thought)

  • *Landscape and Portrait mode - try both and see what you like best
    * Light or Dark Background (I found light background is better if in the sun) (part of game settings) (phone or tablet)
    * game settings, can be set at time of game set up from options or from gear icon on main scoring screen.
    • to maximize use and flexibility, I recommend ...
      * scorekeeper level to advance = yes (it lets you assign throw/fielding error, and if run earned or not),
      * minimize questions = no (asks you what happens to batter/runner at first, in youth ball funny things happen and this can be needed),
      * Record hit locations = yes (enables you to get spray charts for batters)
      * Simultaneous subs = no, unless you are playing strict sub rules like high school, college or pros
Swipe up on Strike, Ball, Out and Foul button on main scoring screen (Phone and tablet)
  • * Swinging Strike - Swipe up on the Strike
    * intentional ball - Swipe Up on Ball..
    * Quick Outs - swipe up on Out button
    * foul ball location - Swipe Up on Foul..
Toggle Spray Charts (phone and tablet)
  • * tapping in the "on deck area" toggle, spray charts - last at bat, career, and off.
  • *if you have fans watching on scorecast, use liberally, they will appreciate it. also I use the "next play" option in notes when fans watching as it sends the Message immediately on its own text line, - more noticeable by viewers as it is not combined with prior play actions
main scoring screen ....
  • * Icons on bottom right - Notes | Game Recap | Stats | Score Card | Settings
    * Radio tower icon - easy way to enable iscorecast and Sync after making heavy line up changes or editing a play.
    * Pop out scorecard (right side of screen ) - open and Dock by pulling on grey handle arrow on right side of screen - or may be easier by tapping on Scorecard Icon (bottom right of screen) and then Dock button (upper right) and choosing Top Right, Bottom Right of Full Right .
    * on pop out scorecard (right side of screen) shows team batting by default - - tap on pop out scorecard to Flip Home/Away
    * Line ups (left side of screen) - scroll up/down to reveal more players if more than 9 bat
    * Line ups (left side of screen) - tap on players in line up - pulls up their player card
    * play by play edit without leaving main scoring screen.. very robust editing tools existing in all versions of iScore (phone/tablet/ ios/andorid) to change "non game altering actions" .like missed substitutions, a hit to error, or double to single with error, or who fielded the ball, passed ball to wild pitch, on past plays. (the iPad just lets you edit right from main scoring screen)
Unique to iOS
  • * Line up assistant - If you set no one batting in your line up, you will get prompted to choose a batter each time they come up from the line up and then tell the program when the you get back to the top of the order.
    * pre position fielders - (option menu choice in line up screen, more for younger age kids)
just a few off the top of my head that i thought i would share....

Re: How Can Head coach enter line up on his device and scorekeeper score on another device?

Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 8:02 am
by Ddearmore
Great info, thank you.


Re: How Can Head coach enter line up on his device and scorekeeper score on another device?

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 7:48 am
by randy21m
A bit late to this discussion, but another helpful bit of information would be:
1. When does your coach do the lineup? 10 min before the game? The night before? Hours before?

If it's 10 min before the game, this might not be a viable option, but here's my suggestion if you have a bit of time before the game starts. Realistically, once you get this process down it only takes a couple of minutes to get to the point you're looking to be at. The only difference will be, you do NOTHING on your device until the coach has put in all of his input, and exported his data up to the server.

Need to do ahead of time
1. Register your devices to the same email
2. Export data from the device you'll consider to be the "Master" (the coaches device)
3. Log into Admin Site, Manage Data, and copy data from Master to all other registered devices. Now all of the databases are identical across your devices
4. Now go to your device, select Option->Import to pull the database down to your device

Now for future games:
1. Wait for coach to make his updates
2. Coach does Option->Export
3. YOU log into Admin site with email
4. Manage Data, and copy data from Master to all other devices
5. Go back to your device, select Option->Import
6. At this time your device will be identical to the coaches, and his changes with the Roster will be there

To make the below "after actions" easy, I suggest YOU to create the game, and score it. This way the game will NOT be on the coaches device, and he can easily sync it back to his device without having to delete the game first, etc.
After Game is over/scored
1. Go back to coaches device
2. Option->Data Sharing->Get From Web Database
3. Input YOUR device ID and PW
4. Select the new game you just scored, and sync it back to the coaches device

Theoretically, now his device is identical to yours. Just to make sure though, I perform the Steps 1-4 again (the very top 1-4) listed. Again, sounds like a lot of steps, but I do this in 2 min while on the ball field. However, I use this process when I have to change devices in the middle of the day (multiple games in a day/battery dies/etc). Personally, I would recommend talking to your coach about doing his Lineup well ahead of making it to the ball park so you can do these actions ahead of time and on a computer, or if he has to wait to do it at the field then I would recommend he doing it on paper, and you making the changes on your device directly. That's how my current coaches are handling it. They do it on paper, I put it into the system, then later on they can access the team website for stats, or do an Option->Import on their devices to see everything current (Assuming I have copied my database over to theirs on the Admin Site - in this scenario, I am the Master, not them).

You might also want to look into ScoreBoards, if you haven't already. There you can link multiple devices to a ScoreBoard, so no matter what device you're using to broadcast the game your users will only need to go to one location to get access to the game.

All of this could be overly simplified if iScore could ever manager to make a singular many-to-one database for us to access, but then that drives a different price point :)

Hope that helps!

Re: How Can Head coach enter line up on his device and scorekeeper score on another device?

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:44 am
by Ddearmore
Great info, thank you. I will try those methods. Our coach generally does the lineup hours before the games so that is helpful where I can do this prior to getting to the fields. So far he has just been sending me screenshots of the lineup. He really just needs to get to stats and set the pre-game lineup so he did an initial import to get our team and roster so he can set the lineup at the roster level on his device, screenshots it, and I then set it up at the game/lineup level. We paid for the team site as well so he can access all stats from it. It is working for us but it circumvents the luxury of doing it all electronically.

More frustrating right now is that the USSSA 2018 season is not available for game and team imports. I was really looking forward to using that feature. Hand entering all the players is of course the most tedious task. Even if you create a team and use the default lineup option to create the players you still have to eventually type each one out. Call me lazy I guess but I am all about efficiency in the process.

Re: How Can Head coach enter line up on his device and scorekeeper score on another device?

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:49 am
by OhioTex

it REPLACES not mergers. If coaches data base does not have all the same stuff scorekeeper has. you will loose what scorekeeper had.

USSSA thread.... viewtopic.php?f=5&t=12305&p=49233&hilit=USSSA#p49233