Dropped Third Strike: Add Safe by Error & Safe by Fielders Choice (future.feature.request)

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Dropped Third Strike: Add Safe by Error & Safe by Fielders Choice (future.feature.request)

Post by OhioTex » Wed Jun 07, 2017 11:36 am

Applicable to Both Android and iOS versions.

Consider adding two new buttons to the Third Strike Page for the situation when the batter is safe at first by error or fielders choice, on an uncaught third strike play, BECAUSE neither a Passed Ball credit to Catcher nor a Wild Pitch credit to Pitcher in fielding stats is correct, (aka no PB or WP in stats should be credited) when instead the play should be scored as Fielders Choice or Error (as appropriate)..
  • Third Strike > Safe > Error > ...
  • Third Strike > Safe > Fielders Choice ...
Providing the buttons would let the user decide when to apply which by rule on third strike (PB 3rd Strike, Wild Pitch 3rd Strike, FC 3rd Strike, or Error 3rd strike) .The program would then have correct stats. This does not make the program have to determine if outs or runner advance on the play that would nullify the PB/WP that is currently assigned.

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