User defineable custom stat (future.feature.request)

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User defineable custom stat (future.feature.request)

Post by OhioTex » Thu Feb 23, 2017 8:23 am

Idea for future consideration,

builds off existing user configurable QAB stat..

In working with a user on another thread, they wanted H/PA Stat ( iscore has the standard BB/PA, and H/AB but not the non standard H/PA). QAB can be configured as a proxy but it spurned this idea ...

Consider programing a truely user definable custom batting stat (or two). Example 'cust1' 'cust2' m... . allow user to check select numerator values (x+y+z) (like done in QAB today).. {ideally add operations too (+, *,-)} but at a minimum let them set denominator check values too (none, PA, Games, runs etc) check . Option to show as % or decimal . Then let user even rename heading. I know a lot, but the flexibility is powerful and does not seem that much more than just extending QAB logic.

The same idea could be extended to pitching and fielding i suspect.

Yes this is likely a programming intensive idea but thougt i would put it out there.
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