Admin Website Issues & Enhancements (future.feature.request)

If you have an idea for improving the product, please post it here and we will try and prioritize updates based on the most popular requests.
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Admin Website Issues & Enhancements (future.feature.request)

Post by mbartschi » Sun Feb 19, 2017 5:14 pm

It seems like the app has evolved a bit faster than the website, so I have some feedback on items I have been working around for months, and some suggestions that would make it much more user-friendly:

Teams Tab
  • Overview
    • When creating a new team, Short Name, Coach 1, Coach 2, Coach 3, and Team Color don't save. They do save properly when editing.
    • The logo editing controls appear even when the record is not in edit mode and therefore they have no effect anyway.
    • Manager e-mail, manager phone, Color 2, team type, and baseball/softball have been added to the app but not to the admin website.
  • Roster
    • When changing a photo that already existed, the new image is successfully saved, but the image shown on the admin screen doesn't update until the page is force-refreshed (hold Shift while clicking Refresh). The problem is likely that the same file with the same URL is being overwritten, and so the web browser reuses the cached copy for the sake of efficiency. This can be corrected by appending the last modified timestamp as a query string (e.g. 1.jpg?201702192009) which makes the browser believe it's a different file even though it has the same file name, and prevents using the cached copy. If the last modified timestamp isn't available, a random number or the current time can be used, which will force the browser to re-download the image every time the page is loaded. This would be overkill and use unnecessary bandwidth but at least you would always have the latest image.
    • Order can't be changed from the admin site.
    • Leagues can't be changed from the admin site.
    • Height, weight, gender, phone, and e-mail can't be changed from the admin site.
    • Active/Inactive status can't be changed from the admin site.
  • Games
    • The "Edit" button doesn't really allow editing anything. It's really more a "Repair" button.
Leagues Tab
  • Adding and deleting leagues works, but renaming and changing active status has no effect.
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Re: Admin Website Issues & Enhancements

Post by OhioTex » Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:57 pm

Well written! Bullets even!
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