NOTICE: Nominal Active Support Here

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NOTICE: Nominal Active Support Here

Post by OhioTex » Sun Apr 21, 2024 8:12 am

Global Post.

Sadly it seems, iscore development has stalled.

The official developers/owners of iscore have not posted on this forum since July 2021.

The “green team moderators” are not and have not ever been part of the official iscore company ( developers, contractors or employees) — just users. Moderators are unaware of current plans for the iscore software.

If current code owners would like a potential future custodian of source code and support forum. Contact me. My email is in forum profile.

I appreciate the original developers and community since launch in 2009.

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Re: NOTICE: Nominal Active Support Here

Post by Sparticus » Tue Jul 09, 2024 6:22 am

It's too bad. There was so much potential and it has stalled. I have hundreds of games input and was awaiting improvements such as individual seasons/stats for gaming replays. I hope they are able to sell it or off-load to someone who is able to update and further it along the line. Until then, if, I have migrated to another "scoring" app.
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