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Batting Stats Question

Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2020 8:08 pm
by cjeidt
Is there a way to capture the hit type percentage of balls in play only? Or hit type percentage where the denominator is all batted balls and not just in play balls. Would expect the sum of GO, LD, PU and FB to = 100% but the formulas below are yielding the % of hit type (fair and foul) over only batted balls in play. The results with these formulas are not making sense

bat_ground_ball_percentage = 100*(bat_ground_balls_s+bat_ground_balls_m+bat_ground_balls_h)/bat_bip
bat_line_drive_percentage = 100*(bat_line_drives_s+bat_line_drives_m+bat_line_drives_h)/bat_bip
bat_popup_percentage = 100*(bat_popups_s+bat_popups_m+bat_popups_h)/bat_bip
bat_fly_ball_percentage = 100*(bat_fly_balls_s+bat_fly_balls_m+bat_fly_balls_h)/bat_bip