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Video scoreboard integration

Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 9:20 am
by catesandrew
I love your application. It works great. My problem is now that we record each game with at least two go pros, it would be that much cooler if we added line scores, team logos, and sponsor graphics to bring the professional look to our games. We are using OBS already to mux the two feeds and switch between them.

Is it possible to export the raw database? Currently its only csv files. Reason being is that I wanted to use the time stamps on each row to generate time markers for the scoreboards, line scores, etc. Now I'm not sure if its there or not so I might have to manually download the db from the iphone and use it locally, which sucks and is a time drag for each game.

Then I found SuteCG at https:// [suitecg].com/cgstatlink-lite-baseballsoftball/. They are doing exactly what I'm looking for. They use the StatCrew xml file to generate the graphics for use in OBS. So that may be a better route which gives two choices.

Option 1 is that if you do record the time stamps then it would be easy to convert the sql db from iscore into the xml statcrew feed. I never heard of statcrew until today, so this is news to me too.

If you answered no to Option 1 and don't record time stamps then I implore you please, please, please can you add that to open up the possibility of driving software like SuiteCG?

Option 2 is that you export the data to statcrew format as another option in the application.

With either option it appears that one can then leverage the scoring of the game and use it to generate some really cool productions. I'm sure the sophisticated folks out there would want that statcrew export stream to happen live so they can use it as an overlay for live videos but not me, I wish we could live stream, its coming in a few years so probably best to get ahead of the curve. Seems really easy to generate their xml format for statcrew too. Its funny that the "live" stats are ftp'd. That's 90's technology right there, updated now days one would want to use websockets but that's for another day.

- http:// [www]

Andrew Cates

Re: Video scoreboard integration

Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 9:40 am
by catesandrew
I think I may have just found my answer from this post: http:// That gives me the answer to option 1 being a yes. That leaves me with task of converting your xml feed to the statcrew xml feed format. ... B732D93168

Re: Video scoreboard integration

Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 9:43 am
by catesandrew
Update: Make sure you add a password on your team site when you log in as an admin. ALSO and very important you have to make sure the guid for your game is all UPPERCASE letters, i.e., this works A8565EE5-8FE1-4435-93D8-6B856444D02D but this doesn't a8565ee5-8fe1-4435-93d8-6b856444d02d.

Re: Video scoreboard integration

Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:05 pm
by catesandrew
Update: I was going about it all wrong. I ended up using the data from the API mentioned above and using it to drive an html scoreboard. This was much easier for me as I'm very familiar with html, three.js, css, svg, animations, et al. The data is consumed by a quick React application I threw together that updates the score card at the timing found in the API.

At this point, had you just scored and recorded a 2 hr game then this React app will run for 2 hrs as well and update at about the same time the action in the game occurred. Here's where OBS comes into play. Load OBS, add a new source, for the type select Browser, new source, give it any name, and then you put the url for the React app in the next pop and voila, instance scoreboard. I now overlay this on top of the previously 2 hr recorded game and get what I was looking for.

Works. Quick and easy too.

Re: Video scoreboard integration

Posted: Sun Aug 26, 2018 8:08 pm
by OhioTex