TIP: iScore Central Viewer App - Easiest Way to Find Upcoming Games and Teams (FAQ)

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TIP: iScore Central Viewer App - Easiest Way to Find Upcoming Games and Teams (FAQ)

Postby OhioTex » Thu May 25, 2017 9:36 am

User TIP to Find upcoming Games and Teams in iScore Central Game Viewer App (blue icon )

On Game Day..
    When you open the Central Viewer App (blue icon), you start at the GAMES > SEARCH screen, ready to go. Simply enter a team in the FIND A GAME <enter a team name> Search Box. and Search Results will be listed below. Premium subscription holders can then tap on a game to see play by play. non premium subscribers will simply see the game score.

    this is the fastest and most intuitive way to find a team on Game Day or an upcoming game (within the next day) or a recently played game (in the last week).

    NOTE: the search results are constrained to games scheduled within the next 30 hours and games played within the last 6 ½ days. The developers envision most users using the iScore Central App on game day, So games outside that timeframe will not be displayed by Game> Search > Find a Game.
Additional info
    When investigating other areas of the program, you will run across another search method: TEAMS > FIND A TEAM. This search is most effective with Teams with optional Team Web Site Subscriptions. As not all teams have Team Web Site subscriptions, GAMES > SEARCH is my recommended default method to find both games and teams. here is a related thread on Find a Team and Saving Favorites viewtopic.php?f=34&t=11578

    NOTE: Once you find your game or team , with a premium subscription, you can then save your Favorite your team and then GAMES > FAVORITES screen will list upcoming and previous games based on your Favorite settings.

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