TIP: iScore Central Viewer App - Optional "Radio Like" Audio Broadcast Premium Feature (FAQ)

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TIP: iScore Central Viewer App - Optional "Radio Like" Audio Broadcast Premium Feature (FAQ)

Post by OhioTex » Mon Mar 13, 2017 4:50 pm

FYI - enabling the optional Audio setting -- iScore Central Viewer App (blue icon) > menu (three lines, upper left) > settings > audio

UPDATED (April 2017): Version 1.5 for iOS has addressed the initial reason for this post, (tips/issues on Audio Settings). As the rest of the post still has informational value, I updated the title and decided to retain as a "sticky" thread,

for more information on the iOS version 1.5 update see this thread.viewtopic.php?f=34&t=11751

Also note, the audio broadcast requires iOS v7 or higher

Audio Setting tips
For iOS devices..
  • the default audio settings for both male and female voices are at set to 50 rate and 50 pitch which you can adjust based on your preference.
    (version 1.5 for iOS fixed prior audio setting issues with female voice and poor default rates )
For Android Devices...
<For more on Central Viewer "Audio Cast" ....below Copied from Baseball Forum>
With a new baseball year upon us, and for those who have fans who follow your live iscorecasts...

I wanted to call attention to the optional "Radio Like" Broadcast
capability in the iScore Central Viewer App (blue icon) for phones and tablets - iOS and Android.
In my opinion an under recognized feature and one well worth the subscription fee for iScore Central Viewer for fans 'watching' your remote iScorecasts.

If you have never tried it, so you know, The Audio cast goes beyond simply telling you balls and strikes, and score. it converts the play-by-play you score and notes to a "radio like" voice broadcast . For example, a 6-3 out. becomes. ., "bryce harper grounds out to shortstop elvis andrus on the throw to first basemen mike napoli" or say "mike trout hits a 3 run home run". The broadcast will also repeat personal comments you type in NOTES. like "wow diving catch" or "close play" "love the ump" etc . If you do pitch location it will convert that too, e.g. "ball outside" "strike high" .

Yes it requires download, and yes it requires a registration and $5 fee for 3 months, but If you have fans/friends/parents who would like a "radio like" broadcast, you and they will be amazed at how well It works.

I can personally attest to listening to a game while driving (safely - handsfree). i have parents who have listened on planes, trains, and automobiles when games ran long and they had to leave town early. very cool

If you have fans that may be interested, Tell them to go to their App store, and search for iScore Central Viewer - Download and subscribe to the premium service ! Then enable the audio feature. and search for your team, enable it as a favorite, and then on game day, they will have it under favorites or search for your team and are good to go.
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