TIP: iSore Central Viewer App - How to Register and What You Get for Premium Subscription (FAQ)

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TIP: iSore Central Viewer App - How to Register and What You Get for Premium Subscription (FAQ)

Post by OhioTex » Mon Mar 13, 2017 2:01 pm

iScore Central Game Viewer for Android and Apple Mobile devices, allows Fans to view real time iScorecasts of games scored and broadcasted using the iScorekeeper family of scorekeeping apps for baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse and football .

FAQ: How to Register for the iScore Central Game Viewer Premium Subscription
source: http://iscoresports.com/central/kb/faq_ ... gister.php
  • 1) Press the Menu Icon ( Three Horizontal Line "Hamburger icon" ) in the upper left corner of app screen to reveal the menu screen

    2) If the icon at the top says "Sign In" then you are not logged into iScore Central.

    3) If you are not signed in, press the "Sign In" Icon to reveal the login screen
    • If you have never registered before, press the "Register Now" link and register your email address by following prompts to purchase subscription
    • If you have registered before, enter the email and password that you previously used to register, then press "Sign In"
    • If you have forgotten the email or password that you previously used to register, press the forgot username or password link
Premium Subscription ($4.99/3months) Provides:
  • Live play-by-play of the game as it is being scored
    • the free version is limited to live game score and inning without any play-by-play details
    • The Premium play-by-play contains similar details to the web based iScorecast but optimized for mobile viewing: including, play by play actions and outcomes
    • version 1.5 (for iOS) added tap on baseball player for stat details
  • Audio Simulcast (audio on/off option)
    • Converts the play-by-play into an audio "radio like" broadcast, including simulated crowd noise option
    • Audio simulcast lets you follow the game hands free with connected speaker/headphones
  • Customized Favorites - teams and scorekeepers (optional)
    • When you find a team you want to save for future, select the 'three dot' menu in the upper right corner to set your favorites
  • Personalized Push Notifications (optional settings)
    • Customize iScore Central to notify you when your team starts a game, the score changes, or other configurable events
  • Ad-free viewing
    • Enjoy viewing games free from advertising
iScore Baseball/Softball
* FAQ http://iscoresports.com//baseball/support.php
* Updated Manual http://iscoresports.com/baseball/manual.php?gd=1
* Stat Formulas http://data.iscorecentral.com/legend.ph ... internal=1
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