TIP: iScore Central Viewer App (blue icon)-Allows Fans to Follow Games Scored & Broadcasted by iScore Scorekeeper Apps (

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TIP: iScore Central Viewer App (blue icon)-Allows Fans to Follow Games Scored & Broadcasted by iScore Scorekeeper Apps (

Post by cfilson » Sat Mar 11, 2017 8:48 am

RE: Not satisfied

I can never find games for my favorites or just looking. The team is: Langham Creek High School Varsity Baseball Team. If you don't carry the games I don't need membership. If that's the case I have waisted my money and need to cancel and be reimbursed.
Please advise as to the problem. Thanks
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Re: Not satisfied

Post by FTMSupport » Sat Mar 11, 2017 9:03 am

If that team is scoring the games with iScore, then they would be available. We do not go around scoring games - it would require someone to download iScore and score the game(s) for you to be able to view them.
Check out the new iScore Baseball documentation page!
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Re: NOTICE: iScore Central Viewer App (blue icon) Lets Fans Follow Games Scored & Broadcasted by iScore Scorekeeper Apps

Post by OhioTex » Thu May 25, 2017 9:40 am

For general community awareness and those reading along in this forum. As a forum moderator, I edited the subject line of original post for search clarity, made this a Sticky FAQ post , and added here, with some extended commentary to address the original posters concern to hopefully avoid similar confusion in the future for others. the iScore Central Viewer (blue icon) app is a very nice product for the intended purpose and target audience.

iScore Central Game Viewer App (blue icon) available for iOS and Android devices, is a companion app to the iScore Family of Scorekeeping Apps (green icons for Baseball/Softball, Soccer, Football, Lacrosse and Orange icon for Basketball. The Central Viewer app (blue icon), on its own, is not complete. It REQUIRES, a scorer to score the game with a scorekeeper App and enable the broadcast signal for a viewer app to receive. The scorekeeper is generally your team/coach/organization or your opponent / host organization / league scorekeeper but not iScoreSports.
  • For your game to be available "on iScore" your team must be scoring the game and enabling live broadcastings. If you are unsure, check with your team/coach/organization.
  • If your game is being broadcast with iScore Scoring App, then you can download and use the free or premium subscription iScore Central Viewer (blue app) to follow the game remotely on your mobile device, android or iOS - phone or tablet.
You can download and use the app for free and then register for premium services, once you have confirmed your team is broadcasting.
  • Unlike other compeating options in the market place. IScore does not charge by team, player or game. Instead it charges by time, $5/3 months. you can watch as many teams and games as are broadcast in that period (generally a youth season).
  • Free version - provides real time overall score and inning/period information for broadcasted games with banner supported advertising.
    • Although limited, this can be helpful, to reduce texting updates to friends/fans/family who can not be at the game,
    • also... ever been to a youth game that does not have a working scoreboard? With the App fans in the stands can easily stay updated with the score.
    • additionally, the free version lets you verify your team is broadcasting before you decide to subscribe
  • Premium subscription - is where the app really shines.
    • Premium Subscription provides saving Favorite team, creating push notifications, plus real time detailed play-by-play, and even an audio playback feature - all without advertising banner.
    • User feedback has been outstanding on the "radio like" audio broadcast option. further information on the audio feature can be found on the forum here viewtopic.php?f=34&t=11678
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