CSV Import File Layout to include all Player Profile Fields?

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CSV Import File Layout to include all Player Profile Fields?

Post by fbltad » Sun Mar 24, 2013 10:30 am

Hi All -

Does anyone know the correct CSV file layout for importing player information that includes all the iPad player profile fields: First, Last, Bats, Throws, Email, Phone, DOB, Height, Weight, Male/Female, Notes?

I also want to import "Leagues" for each player so that I don't have to manually update each player every year. Is there a way to batch export all players to a CSV file, update the players needing updating, and then batch import the same listing as an "Update", not an "Add".

Thanks in advance for the help,

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Re: CSV Import File Layout to include all Player Profile Fields?

Post by mprusak » Sun Mar 24, 2013 11:02 am

I dont believe all these fields exist for batch load. Just the following (info from the admin screen):
Put as many rows of players as you want in the following format:

FirstName LastName Jersey# Position Batting Bats Throws

Only FirstName and LastName are required.
The others are in the order most people have data for.
Position can either be the position # (1 = Pitcher, 2= Catcher, etc) or abbreviation for the position (1B = First Base, LF = Left Field, etc).
Batting can be: Y = Yes, N = No, D = DP, F = Flex.
Bats and Throws can be: R = Right, L = Left, B = Both

For example:

Joe Smith 5 2b y r r
John Doe 8 rf n l r

This would add:

#5 Joe Smith as a second baseman in the batting lineup who bats right handed and throws right handed, and #8 John Doe as a right fielder not in the batting lineup who bats left handed and throws right handed.
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