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Re: Got a new device, how do I transfer my data to it?

Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 11:07 am
by sdepace
I too have a new phone and am having trouble getting the new device to work. SO far I have tried to follow the instructions by exporting on both devices but when I try to register the new device with the same email, the iscore website says that an email has been sent but it never shows up in my email. I have tried several times and checked my spam folder with no luck. Any ideas?


Re: Got a new device, how do I transfer my data to it?

Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 2:27 pm
by FTMSupport
Unfortunately AOL is currently rejecting our emails. We are working with them to try and get them to not reject our emails. In the meantime, you can either use the Data Sharing option (which does not require registering), or you can register to a non-AOL email address and you should get the email.

Re: Got a new device, how do I transfer my data to it?

Posted: Wed May 18, 2016 5:56 am
by wolraht
I have an Android that has reached the end of its life that I scored several season on. I am now using an iPad and we are several games into the new season. How can I transfer the data from my Android over to the iPad without wiping out the data that is on the iPad for this season?

Re: Got a new device, how do I transfer my data to it?

Posted: Wed May 18, 2016 8:18 am
by FTMSupport
To "merge" data (which is what you are asking for), you would have to transfer one game at a time. If you have a lot of data on the Android device, you might want to first transfer the data to the Android from the iPad, then copy the merged data back to the iPad just to save time.

To "merge" a game at a time, you would use Data Sharing as described here: ... _share.php

To transfer a complete database from one device to another (replacing what is there) you can use the transfer option described here: ... lldata.php

Re: TIP: How to transfer data between devices - FAQ

Posted: Fri Mar 03, 2017 10:25 am
by mmdow
Our High School Baseball program recently had to purchase new iPads. Unfortunately, because the old iPads were so old and no one remembered the Apple ID password, we were unable to restore the iScore app itself to the new iPads and had to just download a new iScore app on each device. So, that created new customer ID’s and corresponding Admin Websites for the 3 teams.

I know how to get all the old games off the old devices and onto the new ones (data sharing). But, I’m really concerned that I don’t lose cumulative stats for the last 6 years of scorekeeping!

If I transfer all that data to the new devices, do an EXPORT, will we now have all the stats intact in the new Admin Website?
Will it automatically export the league setup too or just games and rosters?
From what I understand, I also need to make sure my rosters are correct and reflect all my inactive players to ensure their stats are still there....any help or guidance is most appreciated.

Re: TIP: How to transfer data between devices - FAQ

Posted: Fri Mar 03, 2017 10:43 am
by OhioTex
If you have access to the OLD devices Rest assured. All will be ok..
(if you don't have access to your old devices, but have your old device IDs and passwords, all will still be OK , just need to add in a few different steps, post back and will help on that)

However, since you said you could "data share", I assume you have all the devices IDs and Passwords (THAT is HUGE).
What i think you want to do in your situation is "copy" database from aold device to a new device. (e.g. clone your . Freshman Team IPAD, JV Team IPAD, Varsity Team IPAD). Copy will preserve your league settings (something that gets lost in Data Shareing) and " copy" is usually faster and less keystrokes than "Data Share"

Below are step by step instructions on COPY

Also Here is a FAQ on the topic ... lldata.php. but below should also cover it

The main key is getting all your devices past and present registered to a common email account under (aka admin site)

( Tip: for simplicity, while doing this one off administrative work, I would use a single common email and simple password for all devices. Afterwards, you can set a different password on each device once admin work is done.)

1) OPTION > EXPORT on each old device (if you can't do this and are comfortable last time you used the device you exported all data - great)
2) Get device ID and password for each old device (device: option > Admin >change password)
(if you do not have old device ID and password, reply back and can look into options to recover based on Team Web site names )
3) Log onto Using the old device ID and Password from step 2
4) go to Account tab
4) Register the old device to a common email
If already registered to a different email, you can unregister and re register to a common email.
To unregister, click on the red number for the device and select un register, then register on the new page
5) - check your email in box for confirmation email and follow instructions/link to confirm registration and confirm password
* repeat for each old device

1) download iscore baseball from app store for each new device
2) Set up admin web site on each new Device ( Device: Option > Admin > change password)
3) Register each new Device to a common email (Device: Option > Register > name and email address)
4) check your email in box for confirmation email and follow instructions/link to confirm registration and confirm password
* repeat for each new device

C) Computer:
1) log into use the now common email address and password
2) go to account tab
3) click on Manage Data
4) copy database from "old device" to " new device" (follow prompts, and confirmations)
* repeat step 3 and 4 for each Old device

1) Option > Import ( transfers the copied database from the admin server to your device).
2) confirm import, YES and restart iscore
* Repeat 1 and 2 for each new device.

* you will now have an exact copy of what was on the other device (Teams, Players, Games, and Leagues)
* if desired, change passwords on each device (Option > Admin > Change password)
* Start to set up your new season. ...

Re: TIP: How to transfer data between devices - FAQ

Posted: Fri Mar 03, 2017 10:49 am
by OhioTex

I forgot to answer.. to re assign Team Web sites, from Old device to NEW device.

Easy once you have all the devices (old and new) registered to a Common email.

Change Team Web sites from Old to New Device (and renew if needed)
  • 1) log into the with common email address and password
    2) Account tab, will list all the team web sites for the devices (old and new) registered to that common email address
    3) use the change device and change team buttons to 'transfer' device ownership.
    4) you can also renew from this page too
    5) NOTE: OPTION > EXPORT from your device after every scored game, this "updates" the web server for the team web site.
    Also Emailing yourself post game a PDF scorecard, updates the Web server for PDF scorecards.
here is a FAQ on the topic ... device.php

Re: TIP: How to transfer data between devices - FAQ

Posted: Mon Mar 06, 2017 9:54 am
by mmdow
Thank you for the detailed instructions. I have some follow-on questions I hope you can clarify before we do anything:
1) Unfortunately, I don't know if we can use this process (transferring databases) because we actually had to start scorekeeping this season and all 3 NEW devices already have games (and new teams) set up on them. I'm concerned that if we overwrite it with the old database we will lose these new that correct?

And, if so, then am I stuck doing data sharing and pulling each game over manually (and having to reset up all the leagues again and assign games/players)??

2) Is there a way to "merge" teams? Here's the scenario - on the NEW Freshman iPad, the scorekeeper created a new Freshman team with 13 active players and scored 3 games so far. Then, when she pulled in the previous year's games from the old iPad (used data sharing), it pulled in the OLD Freshman team with the Inactive players from the last 4 years worth of seasons....Coach is asking if there is a way to somehow combine the team back into one on the new device, showing 13 Active players and then the remaining players from past years as Inactive? I know you can merge players, but wasn't sure if you could merge teams, especially if certain teams were associated with already scored games. I hope that makes sense.

Thank you for all your help!

Re: TIP: How to transfer data between devices - FAQ

Posted: Mon Mar 06, 2017 11:10 am
by OhioTex
1) Do you have access to the old devices?
  • if so, I would consider moving this years games to old device by data sharing, , and then database copy. old to new.
  • If not, depending on the number of games on old devices, I have some other ways to avoid data share 1 by 1,
    • If you want to discuss directly here is contact email <address removed>
2) When data sharing
  • Tip- transferred in games inherit "enabled/on" leagues,
    this can help reduce some work in league assigning on receiving device
3) Yes there are ways to merge teams and players the process is straight forward (see below) .
  • FYI there are +/- to merging teams
  • personally I prefer to keep "teams by year " e.g. Varsity 2015, Varsity 2016, Varisty 2017. (and use inactive players for injuries, not grads or drops)
  • others on the forum will advocate "one team" e.g. Varsity, (and use inactive for grads/drops, and injuries)
  • your choice
  • Merge - Lets you combine two teams (and associated stats / players) back into a single team so you can get one cumulative stats and reports.To merge teams, follow these steps:

    team Manager > Merge button
    • Select the first instance of a team in the Left list, and the second instance of a team in the right list. (If you select the same instance in both lists, it won’t let you merge the team into itself.)
    • Press the Merge button that gets enabled in the upper right corner.
    • Confirm that you do in fact want to merge the teams (this is NOT reversible so be sure you want to do it)
    • The teams will now be combined into a single team

Re: TIP: How to Copy Complete DataBase From one Device to Another - FAQ

Posted: Thu Jun 22, 2017 7:04 am
by willdresslar
This is a great option/feature. Thanks.