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HOW TO SCORE: Batter Interference

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 6:27 am
by EMS-Medic
Good Morning all,

Wondering how do I score this with iScore?

In watching the DET at TOR game, K.Pillar was at-bat, he hit the ball and while crossing the plate, the batted ball hit with (without hitting an other player).

The umpire ruled that he was OUT - Batter Inteference. A putout was credited to the catcher I believe?

I scored this as Offensive Interference (OFFINT), Pressed "OUT" then "Offensive Interference".

Is this the correct way to score this play?

Thank you,

Re: HOW TO SCORE: Batter Interference

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 7:12 am
by PetroGuy
'In Play' , 'Fielder's Choice', Select where the ball went, then when it asks what happened with the batter, select 'Out' at the the top. Then 'Hit by Ball'. It will ask who was the closest fielder. That fielder is the one credited with the put out. So select the catcher in this case.

Offensive interference is usually when an offensive player interferes with a fielder in some way.

Re: HOW TO SCORE: Batter Interference

Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 1:20 pm
by EMS-Medic
Follow-up Question,

MLB Game on 11.05.2019, CWS at TOR, R.Tellez was at-bat, ball was hit (pop up) just in front of home plate. The catcher, while attempting to field the ball ran into the batter-runner.

Umpire called the batter-runner out due to BATTERS INTERFERENCE.

How should this be appropriate credited?

I called this one was "OUT" > "RUNNER INTERFERENCE" > Indicated hit location & medium pop-up > 2 (C)

I didn't want to use "OFFENSIVE INTERFERENCE" because it does not allow me to credit a put out to the catcher.

Rowdy Tellez pops out to catcher James McCann. Rowdy Tellez out on batter inteference. 3 out

Baseball-Reference Scoring: 2/P2/BINT
Interference by Batter: C (Front of Home)

Thank you,

Re: HOW TO SCORE: Batter Interference

Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 8:52 am
by PetroGuy
I think this is the best option.

Re: HOW TO SCORE: Batter Interference

Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 8:12 pm
by EMS-Medic
A second follow-up question if I may.
And I would like to thank you PetroGuy for your assistance.

MLB Game on 12.05.2019, CWS at TOR, R.Cordell was at-bat, T.Anderson is at first. 1-1 count. On the play, the pitcher throws a fastball that is swung on and missed by the batter (Swinging Strike), the R1 (T.Anderson) attempts to steal second base. Batter Interference is called as the batter interfered with the catcher trying to make the play.

Umpire called the batter out due to BATTER INTERFERENCE. The steal is not considered to have occurred (dead ball play). However, a putout is credited to the catcher (D.Jansen).

In order to score a putout, I would have to enter it as RUNNER INTERFERENCE as well. As if I mark OFFENSIVE INTERFERENCE, it does not allow me to assign a putout.

Therefore I would have 2 ways to score it:
Option 1: Out > Runner Interference > Grounder > 2 (Catcher)
Option 2: Out > Offensive Interference, Manually Assign Putout to Catcher

Ryan Cordell grounds out to catcher Danny Jansen, Ryan Cordell out on batter interference. 3 out

Note: The batter did NOT actually hit the ball, so I'm not sure why the MLB official scorer marked it as such.

Interference by Batter: C

On a side note, if you could put in a good word to add Batter Interference to iScore OR to have Offensive Interference allow for the assignment of a putout.

Thank you again for all your advise and assistance.

Re: HOW TO SCORE: Batter Interference

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 4:47 am
by PetroGuy
A couple of things to note:

A scorer can call interference whatever they want; offensive interference, runner interference, batter interference. The only stat is interference. The important part is getting the interference and putouts correct. So you really can use runner interference and have full control over who gets the putout. Then you can add a note for more information in the scorecast if you want.

However, I had forgotten that if you select 'Offensive Interference' for the out, it just automatically adds a putout for the catcher. It really should be called 'Batter Interference'.

As for iScore, I have no input with them. Unfortunately, they do not seem to monitor and respond to this forum as much as in the past. I just hang around to try and help when I can.