How to Score: Sacrifice Flyer Double Play

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How to Score: Sacrifice Flyer Double Play

Post by EMS-Medic » Sun Sep 23, 2018 7:38 pm

Good Evening,

Game Details: TOR vs NYY, 14.09.2018, B8 1out, Runners of 3rd (R3) and 1st (R1)

Play Details: Batter Runner ("BR") Brett Gardner hits a fly ball to left-center field, caught by the CF (BR Out, SF 8). The runner on 3rd base ("R3") advances home/run scored on the sacrifice fly. The runner on first base ("R1") runs around second after the hit (thinking there was 2 out), and is unable to make it back to 1st before being doubled off (R1 Out, SF/DP.843). End of Inning.

Play Result ( Brett Gardner files into a sacrifice double play, center fielder Jonathan Davis to second basemen Devon Travis to first baseman Rowdy Tellez. Kyle Higashioka scores. Luke Voit out at 1st.

Play Code ( 8/SF/F78XD/DP.3-H(UR);1X1(843)
Play Result ( Double Play: Flyball: CF/Sacrifice Fly (Deep LF-CF); Higashioka Scores/unER; Voit out at 1B/CF-2B-1B

What would be the scoring sequence for this play?

My guess of the sequence could be

OUT > Left-Center Field > CF, 2B, 1B (8-4-3) > (R3) Home, Safe, Advanced by batter > (R1) First, Out, Double Play

iScore Web Viewer Output: #11 Brett Gardner hits a sacrifice fly to the center fielder #67 Jonathan Davis. #66 Kyle Higashioka scores. DOUBLE PLAY!

Thank you for your help,
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Re: How to Score: Sacrifice Flyer Double Play

Post by OhioTex » Mon Sep 24, 2018 9:44 am

@support ... potential bug...

@ ems medic ... Excellent detail.

Your iscore entry steps look correct. Looks like a potential glitch in program.

CF does not get credited w the put out nor is the DP stat credited to CF-2B-1B

Stats in score
Batter gets the sacrifice (sf) RBI, PA, but no AB
CF gets an assist but not the put out
2b gets an assist
1B gets a put out

The DP STAT is not credited for 8-4-3
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