Adding Players Via EXCEL (resolved)

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Adding Players Via EXCEL (resolved)

Post by Jleith » Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:05 am

Hello All
I have been reading the Forum for adding players via Excel.
The post are back in year 2009
I tried the info and used the EXCEL format
Added 5 players..... The Import developed a "GAME" called Season Stats"

My mission is to get a listing on the "Players" for 2018 season and using the EXCEL add the Player for Team "Red Sox"

I made a Team Red Sox and I can't get a Team Roster to inport using a Excel file to the "Red Sox"

I'm trying to develope a 2018 listing for the Teams and players so I don't have to enter the players name at the upcoming season games. Many times the coaches use the players first name only.

Here is how I hope it can work.
1. Make a CSV file with "First Name" " Laat Name"
2. Add a team 'Red Sox"
3. Import the Players. 12 players with First & Last names
4. No games at this time.
5 See a "Team Roster" with 12 players and no Stats

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Re: Adding Players Via EXCEL

Post by OhioTex » Fri Mar 02, 2018 10:11 pm

the csv file import process is designed to help bring in prior season stats .. if all you want to do is add players to a team roster".. there is an easier way...

1) The easiest way is through team manager > discover teams >...

If desired team is not part of the many "Discover Team" choices then ....

2) use the admin web site ( to "add mutiple players" all at once to a team with a simple Copy and paste.

Quick How to...
1) iscore App > option > export

2) log into (Admin web site: username and password)
a) go to team tab> Create or select desired team> chose roster > edit
b) now choose >> add multiple>

3) After adding as many team and players as you want, download that back to your device
iscore> option > import

"add multiple" button lets you Add as many rows of players as you want in the following format:

FirstName LastName Jersey# Position Batting Bats Throws

Only FirstName and LastName are required.
The others are in the order most people have data for.
Position can either be the position # (1 = Pitcher, 2= Catcher, etc) or abbreviation for the position (1B = First Base, LF = Left Field, etc).
Batting can be: Y = Yes, N = No, D = DP, F = Flex.
Bats and Throws can be: R = Right, L = Left, B = Both

For example:

Joe Smith 5 2b y r r
John Doe 8 rf n l r

This would add:

#5 Joe Smith as a second baseman in the batting lineup who bats right handed and throws right handed, and #8 John Doe as a right fielder not in the batting lineup who bats left handed and throws right handed.
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Re: Adding Players Via EXCEL

Post by Jleith » Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:42 am

Hello OhioTec
Thank you for the update
Yes I used the add mutiple players with the First,Last,Jersey.
The teams are not 100% listed.

All the best
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