New Season (answered, pending user follow u if need)

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New Season (answered, pending user follow u if need)

Post by DB22 » Wed Sep 06, 2017 6:58 am

My team is getting ready to enter a new season. Can someone explain the advantages/disadvantages of creating a new season within the app? Will I lose the history of all of the teams we play year after year? (we are not in a league - but always run into the same teams at many tournaments). I don't want to lose that history of how their hitters hit, etc.

Thank you!
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Re: New Season

Post by OhioTex » Thu Sep 07, 2017 12:16 pm

The history stays on your device unless you manually delete a Player/team/game . We recommend NOT deleting players/teams/games but instead use LEAGUES to organize and filter groups of stats. (for rough estimation, 30 songs is roughly same as 1 game. so not heavy data storage use.)

The create new season/league button/menu in the app is only on the iOS version (i think)( and just a tool to save some keystrokes if you want. I personally do not use it.

I personally, Create a New Team and Roster Each year ( Eg Brown Bombers (varsity) 2016, BrownBombers (varsity) 2017, Brown Bombers (varsity) 2018.)
and use leagues to differentiate special statistical groups within a season, (e.g. Pre season, conference, Post season) ...
you create the new team roster by selecting the player from the existing player list if a returnee (i.e. Junior now a senior) and in my player manger data base already (i.e. a JV sophomore making varsity as a junior). if a completely new player not already in my data base, (e.g. incoming freshmen) . i then type them in manually . Because that is how i think of the team and like to look back at a year and see who was on the roster . Each player lifetime stats are available under PLAYER MANAGER, and EACH TEAM YEAR STATS Available under TEAM MANAGER

some folks like to have BROWN BOMBERS be a consolidation of ALL years, and use Leagues to group and filter each year. Not my preference

Post back if more questions, there are also FAQ posts on this topic if you want to search for more detail
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