TIP: How to Reset your Password for Registered Email Address using Admin Website -FAQ

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TIP: How to Reset your Password for Registered Email Address using Admin Website -FAQ

Post by randy21m » Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:45 am

This is for those that use an email address to log into their Admin Site.
( If you only use your Device ID and Password, this does not apply to you as you can simply change the password directly on your device under Options -> Admin Site.)

In short, there is not a "reset password" link when you are using an email address to log in to the Admin Site. The only time you can (re)set a password is when you register a device. So if you'd like to change the password when you're using your email address on the Admin Site, follow the instructions on this thread to unregister and re register:

Understand that the password listed under "Admin Site" on your device(s) is NOT the same password from when you register your email - though you could make them same - they will never be linked, so if you change the password on your device it will NOT update the one for your email. The only way to change the password is to unregister a device, log back in to the Admin Site using the Device ID and password listed on your device, then follow the Registration process again (Insert your email address, First Name, Last Name, etc). Follow the prompts in the email to register the email, and set a new password. Now you can log into the Admin Site with your email and NEW password.

As OhioTex points out, DO NOT WORRY about unregistering a device from the Admin Site during these steps. You will NOT lose any data, as your data will be safe on your device.

If you have multiple devices associated with an email address for your Admin Site, you only need to UNREGISTER ONE DEVICE, then follow the above steps.

Hope this helps!
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Re: TIP: How to Change Password on Admin Website for Registered Email

Post by OhioTex » Wed Aug 02, 2017 5:14 am

Made a Sticky thread. thanks Randy!

Again this applies to changing password on the email ID you may have created when registering a device. It can only be done from Admin Web site. not from device.

Secondly, Reminder, Please write down and save your ten digit device user IDs and password (option > Admin Web site) somewhere safe in case you ever loose your device. If you have the old ID and password, you can recover your data.
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