how to post an image on the forum using google drive (FYI)

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how to post an image on the forum using google drive (FYI)

Post by OhioTex » Mon Jul 10, 2017 8:55 am

Sharing a lessons learned for the community benefit, ( perhaps some one can improve on this too)

I was struggling to figure out how to easily insert an image on a forum post. (viewtopic.php?f=34&t=12026 and viewtopic.php?f=3&t=11981)

I was using the free google drive (same if using google photo) to host my image upload and share link. What I thought should have worked was using "Share: Copy Link" and pasting that link inside of Image in forum post. but when i did, I kept getting a "blue box with ? icon" (I did make sure google link setting was set to "Anyone who has the link can access file" but none the less the forum was not decoding the link correctly) .

What i found does work is to add a couple extra steps to the workflow (works same for google drive as google photos)
  • 1. Upload image on Google drive (or google photo) (same as before)
    2. On google, copy link by " Share: Copy Link" (same as before)
    3. Paste copied link from google into a browser (safari, chrome, explorer) (new step)
    4. Right click on image in browser and "copy image address" (new step)
    5 On forum post, paste "image address" and insert between img codes. so "Image" in forum post. (same as before)
not sure why, the Copy Link From google does not work directly for me, but the Copy Address from browser seems to solve.
perhaps some one smarter than me can provide an easier way

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Re: how to post an image on the forum using google drive (FYI)

Post by randy21m » Wed Jul 12, 2017 7:35 pm

Thanks for that! Had that same issue, and will have to give that a try the next time I upload a photo as I experienced the same thing using IMGUR

Also wanted to provide an alternative to Google Drive, or other upload options:
The benefit of imgur is it is not "your" personal storage space, and the photo will always be in that location forever - which is good for forums! - though you can sign up for an imgur account if you like. Go to the link above, drag and drop your photo, and then you get a "share link" - though you'll still need to follow OhioTex's info above to get it to display properly here.
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