TIP: How to Force Update/Replace PDF Scorecard on Team Web site - FAQ

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TIP: How to Force Update/Replace PDF Scorecard on Team Web site - FAQ

Postby OhioTex » Fri Apr 21, 2017 5:22 am

a recent user question prompted me to create this FAQ

From Support , How to force posting/updating the PDF scorecard on your team web site if it is not there or out of date.

FTMSupport wrote:If you email the scorecard to yourself, the server saves a copy of the scorecard for viewing on the website. Or you can just email to "web" to update the website only.

Tip 1) The trigger to update the PDF scorecards on team web site is not "Option > Export" as one may expect, but instead email. To update the scorecard on team web site, email a scorecard and it triggers the update/replace process. You can email to yourself or just enter "web" in the address field.

Tip 2) by the way, when emailing, you can email multiple addresses at the same time by simply separating with a space between them. (eg Web CoachJohn@mail.com CoachJim@mail.com)

Tip 3) if you make game edits on your device an the scorecard does not update to reflect the changes, go back to main scoring screen, 'game over' page, and check your scorecard. The 'game over' screen forces a scorecard refresh on your device.

hope this helps other users

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