Inactive Player for a Weekend and Stats (answered)

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Inactive Player for a Weekend and Stats (answered)

Post by Lilsis926 » Fri May 19, 2017 8:38 am

If I have a player that is not playing one weekend. Should I make him inactive or just leave him active and not batting. The question is will this affect the stats for this playing.
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Re: Stats

Post by OhioTex » Fri May 19, 2017 9:07 am

(note - for anyone reading along, this only applies to iOS devices as android does not have inactive roster spots at this time. )

HEADLINE = this will be a minor preference decision. Stats are not affected as he will not play.

Further Explanation
  • Putting a player to inactive status in Team Manager > Team Roster, just means his name will not show up in default starting line up when you create a new game. (if you plan to create a lot of games while player is out, this can save a few clicks)

    It is the same as if in Game Manager > Game > Scoring > Starting line up, you simply "removed him" from game line up (i.e., red minus sign) when you start scoring a game.

    when a player is not in the "game line up", when you look at stats in Game Manager > Game > Stats (batting or fielding) - he will not be listed as he was not in the game.

    If you leave him in the starting line up ( game Manger > Game > Score Game> Starting line up) by just set batting = No, and position = blank, he would look like any other bench player, and be available as a sub, and would be listed in game stats ( Game Manager > Game> Stats: Batting/Fielding ) but with all zeros, as no at bats and no fielding plays. He will not be listed on the scorecard if batting = no.

    The player will still show up in team stats ( Team Manager > Team Stats), even when listed as Inactive, as he is still on the roster (to not be in team stats,would need to be removed (red minus sign) i.e. traded,)
My Recommendation
  • for a player that is going to physically miss a weekend, i just remove him from the game day line up. this differentiates him (absent) from bench players. He will also not show up on game stats. whether i do this by setting him to inactive on team roster or just removing from a game line up. Is truly half a dozen one and 6 the other. more than likely i would just remove him game by game.
team Web sites
  • that said, If you have a team web site subscription, there is another factor at work. Team Web sites have a customized setting that you can use to hide or show inactive roster players. If that is a factor, you may want to base decision on that. As i have a team web site, i am more likely to not change him to inactive status and just delete from line up on a game by game basis. Inactive would be more for an injury type player.
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