Homerun, R1 does not touch home. (answered)

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Homerun, R1 does not touch home. (answered)

Postby Mgirwin » Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:55 am

Bases loaded. Batter hits a homerun. R3 and R2 touch home, R1 never touches home. Batter touches home plate and umpire calls R1 out. The batter is safe so it is still a homerun but only 3 runs score. Not sure how to score this. Soon as you touch homerun, the bases are cleared and on to the next batter.
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Re: Homerun, R1 does not touch home.

Postby OhioTex » Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:36 am

Assuming less than 2 outs. when batter hit the ball (i.e. R1 is NOT out 3)

In iScore, you are correct, when you hit HOME RUN, iscore automatically advances amd scores all runners and does not give you a natural way to declare one out and run not scored. As this is such a rare situation, iScore does not have a natural way to record the needed variation... but it does have ways to handle ..

two ways i can think of off the top of my head, pro/con tradeoffs to each. ( I think #2 may be what i would do if faced w situation real time)

    1) You can use the in Play > Home Run Button. then use "Misc > Adjust Score" to remove a run from the scoreboard, and add an out. You would also want to add a note to explain what happened. Post game, you would want to manually override stats to a) reduce Batter RBI by 1, and b) reduce R1 R (Runs Scored) by 1.


    2) you can enter a triple, and then post game, manually over ride stats to convert triple to home run. Example..
    batter > in play> triple, >>
    >> What happen to R3? > Safe > home > Advance by batter (aka RBI) >
    >> what happen to R2 ? > Safe > home > advance by batter (aka RBI2) >
    >> What happen to r1? > out > home > missed base >
    >> What happen to Batter ? Safe > home > advance by batter (aka RBI3)
    You would Also want to add a note to explain what happen and also give yourself a reminder to change triple to HR in post game records .

both methods involve adjusting stats manually post game - If you need a primer on that - see this FAQ http://iscoreforum.com/baseball/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3115

(by MLB rule set, bases loaded, less than 2 outs, successful appeal of R1 missed bag, = 3 run homer . . if loaded and 2 outs, successful appeal of R1 missed bag, = 2RBI and home run would be removed - ouch)
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Re: Homerun, R1 does not touch home. (answered)

Postby ixamnis » Sun Apr 23, 2017 7:30 pm

Just so I am sure I understand this, R3 is the runner at third base at the beginning of the play and R1 starts this play at first base? In other words the runners labels change depending on what base they are on and do not stay constant based on the order they got on base.
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Re: Homerun, R1 does not touch home. (answered)

Postby OhioTex » Mon Apr 24, 2017 1:03 am

Yes, R# is a common way to abbreviate baseball situations with the # being the base they are on at time of pitch. the original post did not specify if R1 at first or third.

But more to the point, i use R# at times because it just saves me time in typing a reply (and i thought woukd be more clear and concise)..., iscore will spell it out in the program. i just abbreviated for my ease on forum..

Iscore= "What happen to runner that was on first base, jersey number and player name?"
Abbreviated - "What happen to R1?"

To the original post ..
Original post did not specify, if R1 was at first or third.i assumed R1 at first (as that is convention i would have used)

BUT If r1 who missed home plate was meant to be the lead runner at third base...then for method 2, start the scoring the same in iScore "in play > tripple" then when asked '"what happen to runner at third? Choose "Out > home> missed base". and then for what happen to runner at second "safe > home > advanced by batter" and then same for runner from first "Safe> Home> advance by batter". And lastly bater runner "safe> home > advance by batter"

Still have to manually change stats post game for batter from tripple to home run.

Also the number of runs that count still depends on outs at the time of pitch. Which was not specified in original post. If less than two outs, 3 runs should score. But If 2 outs, and r1 was at third and missed home, then no runs should count.(ouch)

More on second post questions ...

Yes this is a commin notational practice (augmented with outs, and if needed count) to describe baseball situations R1,R2,R3 where number equals base they start at. To me, "R#= runner at base number" notation is much more clear and concise than "R1 = lead runner" notation.

A simple first and third situation demonstrates. One can describe simply as " R3 & R1, 2out". Pretty well describes the situation. Clear on what bases occupied and where is the lead runner R3 (third) as well as the second runner R1 (first). However, if Using R1 as lead runner notation, you must add some base reference to claify," R1 & R3 2 outs." Does not stand alone .i.e. is this a first and third situation or is r1 at second ? or if R1 at third is R2 at 1st or 2nd?

I don't think you need to be concerned that the labels change (aka "stay constant based on the order they got on base".? )

An individual situation does not care how they got there, just that they are there to start. Example, it Does not matter Edger (batter #5) is at bat, while Adam (batter #1) lead off and is now at third (after having walked and stole 2nd) and Charlie (batter 3) is at first after an infield single which held runner. That bob (batter #2) stuck out and doug (batter #4 ) poped out to pitcher, all does not change the simple " R3 & R1", 2 out scenario.

Hope this makes sense, i know a number of very reputable sources use "R1 as lead Runner notation" - to each his own i guess
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