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Re: How serious are you about this version on the product?

Posted: Sun May 31, 2015 10:21 am
by FTMSupport
Thank you for the feedback.

To address the specific items you have questioned:

1. You have a question about crashes - we fix every crash that can be reproduced and the current release of the product does not have any crashing that we know of.

2. The 50/50 stat. We chose the stats we track based on the stats available on all major sports web sites (as we have with every sport). We have the most comprehensive set of stats of any product available. We are not seeing references to the 50/50 stat on the MLS statistics pages, ESPN soccer pages, NCAA soccer, High School soccer, etc so certainly did not feel it is "vital" for the product. We have had one other user ask about it in the forum, so we do have it on our enhancement list for future prioritization. (We understand you do not like hearing this either, but we do not have unlimited resources, so we do keep an enhancement list across all sports and prioritize according to customer demand, impact of issues, seasonality, etc)

3. The terminology. Thank you for your suggestions in this regard. All of our products have been tailored to make scorekeeping as pleasant and easy to all levels of scorekeepers as possible. The terminology we use will often favor a new scorekeeper being able to understand what is meant over what a specific technical term is. Your example of "Goalie Kick" is an example of this. In the main scoring interface, if we had "Goal Kick", a novice scorekeeper could confuse this for a Shot on Goal. You will notice that in the actual statistics that are generated, it is actually referred to as a "Goal Kick". "Foul Drawn" and "Foul Commited" vs "Fouled" is another example of this. If we just had "Fouled", then it is not clear whether the player Fouled somebody else, or was Fouled.