iScore Football v1.5

We will announce new product updates for iScore Football here along with what features are being included in the updates
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iScore Football v1.5

Post by FTMSupport » Sat Sep 17, 2011 12:39 am

Version 1.5 of iScore Football has been submitted to Apple. Here is a list of some of the updates:

* Double Tapping on field will now move the final player / ball location to that spot during play entry (time saver!)

* "Overview" now added to main scoring screen to show stat comparisons between teams

* Added Contact List for email selection

* Halftime Kickoff now an option under Misc items and added a "reminder" between quarters about how to switch sides (can be turned off)

* PAT fixes - sets pass or run default plays, defaults QB on non kick PAT plays, and defaults kicker on kick plays, fixed issue where setting kicker could carry over to QB on next possession

* Bug Fixes - Fix for penalty on first down sometimes showing first and 10 when it should be first and some other distance depending on penalty, Penalties on punts can now handled much better, fixed issues with spike handling, fixed time of possession calculations, fixed fumble recovered by opponent yardage issue, fixed first down counts issues , fix for box scores sometimes showing wrong quarter (when play crossed quarters), fix for drive summary when a punt is returned for a touchdown, other stat fixes

* Fixes for inserting plays - adding after touchdown creates PAT. Adding after PAT creates kickoff. Newly added plays now show blank description.

Thank you again to the iScore Community for helping us create the absolute best scorekeeping applications available for mobile devices.
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Re: iScore Football v1.5

Post by OhioTex » Wed Sep 21, 2011 4:12 am

Version 1.5 now available in apple app store. 9/21/11
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