Edit Active/Inactive and Order on Website

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Edit Active/Inactive and Order on Website

Post by mbartschi » Thu Nov 17, 2016 10:09 pm

This would actually be helpful for all of the iScore apps, but it is most relevant to Football because they have such large rosters.

Here's my common scenario: Football teams have 50+ players, and that's a lot to enter with an iPad even in Quick Mode, so I typically use the "Add Multiple" feature on the website. But what if we played this same team last year and 20-30 players need to be moved to "Inactive" because they graduated, while 20-30 more need to be added?

I could do one of two things:
  • I could just create a brand new team and paste everyone from scratch using Add Multiple. But that messes up career stats by creating duplicate players and makes a mess of my team/player lists as the years go on, unless I take the time later to go and merge the teams and players to clean up the mess I made. I have definitely done that as a workaround, though it's not ideal.
  • I could painstakingly mark the 20-30 players who have graduated as Inactive using the app (which takes a while either editing one at a time or tapping-and-dragging over a long list of players), then export, then add only the new players using Add Multiple, then import back to the app, then drag them around to be in numerical order instead of just having the new players at the bottom.
Here are some ideas that would make that process much less painful:
  • Allow changing the active/inactive flag in bulk using the Roster Edit feature on the website.
  • Allow re-ordering the roster on the website, either by typing an index or using dropdowns or better yet drag-and-drop.
  • Allow single-click "sort by jersey number" on the website, the app, or both. (Some users may also appreciate "sort by last/first name" but for me it will always be jersey.)
Like I said, the same issue impacts basketball, baseball/softball, and soccer, but it is most painful with the giant rosters of football teams.
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Re: Edit Active/Inactive and Order on Website

Post by FTMSupport » Fri Nov 18, 2016 2:08 am

Thank you for the suggestions. We will add them to our enhancement list.
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