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New to iScore questions

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2016 5:56 am
by tpholt
Hello All. I am searching for a new app for football stats recording, and I am looking at iScore as the potential replacement for my current system. However, before I make the switch, I need to have a few questions answered. These may be fairly "obvious" answers, but I am also new to iPads and Apple devices in general, so I apologize if these are simplistic.

1. I understand complete reports can be e-mailed after the game (in PDF or HTML?), and that's all well and good, but I need to be able to bring up a game stats box score report during the game (specifically at halftime). Doesn't need to be printed or e-mails, on the screen is fine. Can this be done easily without e-mailing?
2. There are some apps out there that only allow for the deletion of plays, not editing (either during or after the game). Can plays be edited "after the fact", both during the game and afterwards?
3. Here's the biggie...this is a game-changer/non-starter. I need to be able to print reports on the field or in the locker room after the game, with no email/Internet access. Is this possible? There is not one field we play at where Internet access is available..not one...on the field. No open Wi-Fi is available at any school/locker room, and getting the security password at opposing schools isn't going to happen. Even though I have Wi-Fi access to my home school, the signal is unavailable in the locker room (in the basement on the fringe of the school grounds). So, can I just print reports without e-mailing? If not, and here is where my ignorance of Apple/iPads may show itself, does iScore itself send the e-mail or does it use the default e-mail app of the iPad itself? If it uses the default app, does that app save a copy in the "sent" or "drafts" area? I'm thinking that if I try to send the e-mail with the stats reports attached, but am unable to do so, that maybe I can pull up the "sent/draft" copy of the e-mail, and it will have the PDF/HTML file(s) attached, and I can then pull those up and print them. Am I dreaming here?

Thanks for helping out a newbie with some silly questions.


Re: New to iScore questions

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2016 8:43 am
by OhioTex
@ Support - there is a quick question for you here.. (see below)

@ TP HOLT - Welcome to the Forum.

the only issue is the Print.. and it is bigger than iScore. It starts with Apple and the iPad and printer hardware, iPads do not "plug into printers". The expected way to print directly from an iPhone or IPad is wirelessly to an "Air Print" printer. Do you have an AirPrint capable printer set up? (if not , what kind of print set up do you have, If Air Print is not available, there are other/harder workarounds we can discuss further if needed )

To your questions..

1a) yes, complete stats for a game and/or team can be emailed in EXCEL, CSV, HTML (but not PDF) formats
(IMHO Email excel is better than PDF to allow you to manipulate the data on your own)
The program Tracks and reports on over 150 statistics for Offense, Defense, and all Special Teams.

1b) Yes, Complete Stats can be viewed on Screen on the Device at anytime - tap the spreadsheet icon bottom right of scoring screen.
You can also view some of the more basic stats on the main scoring screen during a game by pressing the Offense or Defense selectors at the bottom of each team's player list.

2) yes there is Complete Play editing -- both in-game and post-game. Post game it is accessed from game info screen, by viewing the Play by Play and tapping Edit on an incorrectly scored event. you can edit about anything about a play after the fact with the visual scorekeeping interface, it is easy to edit any details of the play at any time.

3) Print without email.? @Support will need to answer this [/color]
i do not know if iPad Football is Air Print Capable with current iOS. @Support will need to answer this
(i do know iscore baseball IS air print enabled, but i am not sure on football w iOS 10 )

Few other features to note
* this is an iPad App based program . not a computer desktop based program. the data is scored on and remains on your iPad, for easy and complete access. you can also store a backup on the iscore servers by Option > Exporting after every game. There are some additional maintenance items on the free ADMIN web site. but the program is designed to allow you to score directly off the IPAD with or without internet connectivity.

* Unlimited number of Players for Roster but also ability to Add Players on the Fly --You Start scoring with only partial rosters, and add players as they do something (saving time with large football rosters)

* Quick Play entry -- handles most common situations and helps minimize the number of taps required to complete a play

* Partial play entry -- when not sure who was involved in a play, you enter what you see and you can fill in the rest later.

* Leagues, (aka groupings) - you can group games into user defined leagues (eg. scrimmage, pre season, regular season, conference games, non conf games, playoffs, etc) to be able to see stats in appropriate groupings

* you can data share rosters or scored games with other IPADs using iScore using bluetooth (or internet connection)

* twitter enabled. (if you have internet connectivity)

* f you use Max Preps, you can also send stats to Max Preps (later at home from computer) in a format Max Prep understands

* Sounds like you do not have internet at the field, but if you did, another feature folks REALLY like is the remote web cast " iScoreCast" that lets remote fans "Watch" games (no video) live on computer/mobile devices

Here is a link to the company web site that describes overviews the football features

Here is a link to screen shots and training

Please continue to post back if you have more questions, other Football users are likely to chime in too

/ OhioTex

Re: New to iScore questions

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2016 9:02 am
by tpholt

Thanks for the quick reply. I appreciate it.

Good to know on points 1 and 2. I suspected as much, but it's nice to have confirmation. I do, indeed, have an AirPrint enabled printer, so I think as far as that goes, I'm ok. The issue seems to be if it's possible to print directly from the app itself, or, when the app tries to send out the stats report e-mail, if the attachment it creates for the e-mail is viewable/printable without actually sending the e-mail. If so, I think i should be able to print that.

Having no Internet access available at the field, and limited to no access from the locker room is causing me all sorts of problems. Virtually every application out there these days requires Internet access in some form to accomplish this. I'm amazed that creators of these otherwise awesome apps don't realize that Internet access at high school football fields, perhaps outside of large metro areas, just isn't available. Outside of those high schools that play at college stadiums, I don't know of any fields here in Wisconsin that have Internet access. I long for the good old days (and not that long ago) where I could print reports directly from the app. Made my life a lot easier.

Thanks again for the help.


Re: New to iScore questions

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2016 9:13 am
by OhioTex
We will need to wait on Support to Answer the AIR PRINT question . (I am not at my iPad and can not pull up to see if the share icon is there or not). I hope so because that would solve your print question. I have not had need to AirPrint so i am not sure if there or not.

As to internet connectivity, iScore is designed to be fully score capable without internet connectivity. (In fact I used baseball app on an touch to start with. zero Connectivity. ) that said, Many have a cell phone or mini wifi hotspot they can create for internet access, even in remote areas. iscore is surprisingly not that data intensive either.

If iscore football is not Air Print capable at this time. trying to think of ways to help solve the print. What other assets do you have access to at the field , iPhone Cell coverage? hotspot? laptop?

Re: New to iScore questions

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2016 9:27 am
by tpholt
For most fields we play at, Cell Phone coverage may (or may not) be available, I've honestly never checked. However, for my home school, believe it or not, there is almost no cell coverage in the entire town. The town is located in a deep, small river valley, and while there are a couple of cell towers on either end of the town up on the bluffs, unless you have the right provider and are standing in the exact right spot, cell coverage is spotty at best. I work in the building right next door to the school, and I have no bars, no data all here at work. Having a laptop at the game/schools is not an issue. Are you indicating that I can "sync" to the laptop and print from there? That would be very do-able.

Thanks again,


Re: New to iScore questions

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2016 11:25 am
by OhioTex
sounds like pretty country in the summer/fall.

Air Print is the best hope. support Checks in regularly and i am sure they will answer before i can get home and check my iPad.

I was not indicating you could sync direct to laptop. .. I was just taking inventory of potential assets..
given the lack of any hot spots, not sure laptop will help . nothing jumps to top of mind immediately.
. I will have to think on any creative ways to leverage laptop. to one of your earlier questions,
no the app does not make PDFs 'readily' available like an attachment to email. historically app has used its own internal email,
updates of late have started using the device email app. but that won't help here anyway.

the one (semi lame) idea I had while typing, screen shots can be taken and , saved as images on iPad and then transferred by cord to your Laptop.

there may be an app out here that lets you save clipboard to file on iPad and transfer. not sure. again, AirPrint is hope 1

Re: New to iScore questions

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2016 1:12 pm
by OhioTex
great news.

I just verified AIR Print enabled on my iPad2 w iOS 10. (Latest version of iOS and iScore).

So yes you can send to your air printer stats at halftime

Re: New to iScore questions

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2016 3:32 pm
by FTMSupport
Sorry... OhioTex beat us.. but yes, you can AirPrint right from the app when viewing stats.

Re: New to iScore questions

Posted: Wed Sep 21, 2016 5:20 am
by tpholt
Hey that's great news! Looks like iScore may be the application I am looking for :)

Thanks for all the help, I really do appreciate it!


Re: New to iScore questions

Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2016 11:09 am
by ecamp02
But you cannot AirPrint the PDF Summary of the game ; which would be very useful.

This is my workaround. I have an Epson mobile printer that I bring to the games. It has Airprint support. I use cell phone data to email the PDF to myself and then AirPrint to the Epson mobile printer. A little cumbersome, but it gets the job done. I wish we could customize the PDF game summary report by choosing what we wanted to display. If we could narrow the information down, it would be perfect to email to local newspapers. It's too much information for them the way it is now. Great for teams and coaches though. No complaints from them.